Chrome punk fortnite, How to dance with Chrome Punk in Fortnite

Dance with chrome punk - Fortnitemares 2022 arrived in update 22.20, bringing a host of Halloween-themed content to Fortnite, including new Fortnitemares Quests that you can complete for free rewards.


Chrome punk fortnite, How to dance with Chrome Punk in Fortnite

One of these tasks is to dance with an NPC known as Chrome Punk, and this is easy to do if you know where to look for him on the map. We've got you covered with the exact location of him on the island.

Where to find Chrome Punk in Fortnite

You can find Chrome Punk at the Flutter Barn POI on the south side of the map, between Rocky Reels and Synapse Station. This NPC is easy to identify as he has a chrome pumpkin for a head.

You can land at this location directly after jumping from the Battle Bus, but we recommend landing elsewhere to equip your weapons and loot first. This is because a lot of Fortnite players will be visiting this location to complete the quest, and you'll need to be ready for a fight.

Chrome punk fortnite, How to dance with Chrome Punk in Fortnite

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How to dance with Chrome Punk in Fortnite

Once you've stocked up on decent weapons and gear, you should head over to the flutter barn and look for Chrome Punk. He will have a bubble with three dots on his head that will make him easier to find.

This is what you need to do:

  • Visit the Flutter Barn POI.
  • Find Chrome Punk.
  • Open your emote wheel.
  • Start getting excited in front of the NPC.

You do not need to select any specific animation for this to work as performing any dance will complete this Fortnitemares Quest.

You will get 15,000 XP for doing this and you can also interact with Chrome Punk to complete the quest to acquire the Zero Point Pretzel effect.

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