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Matterlock chest in Diablo 4, How to open Matterlock chest in Diablo 4

How to open  Matterlock chest in Diablo 4 -In Diablo 4, players have the opportunity to travel the map, explore dungeons, collect materials to create a better building, and much more. But there are plenty of little secrets to be found on the map, from thrill seekers to Lilith's altars. One of the weirder puzzles that players can stumble upon is called the Matterlock Chest.

Matterlock chest in Diablo 4, How to open Matterlock chest in Diablo 4

These chests are not only hard to find, but also hard to open. Many Diablo 4 players want to know not only where to find these elusive chests, but also how to open them and whether the treasures they contain are worth it.

What are Matterlock chests in Diablo 4?

Matterlock chests are exclusive to Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4. They are extremely rare; players can spend hundreds of hours in the game and not find a single one. In appearance, they resemble chests of silence - these are chests with treasures and chains around them. 

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When the player interacts with the chest, it displays a list of Latin phrases that the player can select to respond to the chest. If the player chooses the wrong phrase, the chest will disappear and the reward will be taken.

How to open Matterlock chest in Diablo 4

Matterlock chest in Diablo 4, How to open Matterlock chest in Diablo 4

There will be three inscriptions next to each of the Matterlock chests; Go through the rooms where these chests are located and look for items that players can interact with. Memorize the word written in each of the three inscriptions and it will combine into one of several sentences.

Go back to the chest and interact with it. Click on the phrase that the inscriptions said and the chest will open. Make sure you pick the right phrase - one wrong move will net the player nothing. After selecting the correct phrase, the chest will turn into another type of Diablo 4 chest: Admiration Chest.

What can be found in Matterlock chests in Diablo 4

So the main question is whether it is worth spending time to open these chests or not. The items that can be found inside are the same as in the Chest of Majesty. Therefore, players can find a modest amount of gold, as well as some rare items. 

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Depending on the world level the player is in, even sacred or ancient items can drop in the chest. For the most part, these rather annoying chests aren't worth opening. When players want to enter Nightmare Dungeons for XP or Glyphs, it's best to skip them.

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