Power Shot Fifa 23 , How to do powershot in fifa 23

Powershot fifa 23 - FIFA 23 features a new HyperMotion 2 system and a modified shooting system, giving players more freedom and precision to move exactly how they want. There are many ways to dribble and shoot in FIFA 23 and sometimes using a variety of moves can make all the difference. 

Power Shot Fifa 23 , How to do powershot in fifa 23

When you're away from goal or just want to put a little extra power into a kick, you can perform the new Power Shot. Here's how to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23.

  • Xbox – Hold LB + RB and press B. Aim Left Stick during rope.
  • PlayStation: Hold R1+L1 and press Circle. Aim with the left stick during the rope.
  • Switch: ZR+ZL and press A. Aim with the left stick during the rope.

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Tips for powerful shots in FIFA 23

Power Shot Fifa 23 , How to do powershot in fifa 23

Power Shots take time to execute, so you'll need to avoid being interrupted during the shot animation. Power Shots are quite difficult to master, so try heading to the training ground to get familiar with the shot. It's good to practice with the best players, but if you're skilled enough with the movement, any player can score with it at the right opportunity.


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Power Shots require precise aim to be effective. However, if he's aiming right, his Power Shot can cause goals from far away and goalkeepers to not be able to react fast enough. The trick to aiming is to start moving the left stick as soon as you start winding up the kick.

The shot indicator will appear, briefly showing you where your shot is going. If you can get the flag to the corners of the goal, you will have a much better chance of scoring.

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