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Dumpsters fortnite, How to search an open dumpster in Fortnite

Where are dumpsters in fortnite - Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games to play with the whole family. Not only can you team up and take on other players, but there are always new quests to complete to challenge yourself and earn fun rewards.

Dumpsters fortnite, How to search an open dumpster in Fortnite

Paradise missions in Fortnite reveal the history of the island and the constant changes that seem to occur on it. Agent Jonesy continues to recruit you to help out and complete all sorts of crazy tasks as you strive for the Victory Royale. This time, you'll have to do some trash diving to find The Scientist's lost research.

Open container locations in Fortnite

You only need to find a dumpster for this quest to work, but there are many options of where to go depending on where your battle bus is flying. Larger places, like the Tainted Towers, will have multiple dumpsters, making them easier to find. 

However, these locations also guarantee more danger as you try to complete the quest. Sometimes it is better to head to a more secluded area. You can find open dumpsters everywhere, including many gas stations along the highway.

Dumpsters fortnite, How to search an open dumpster in Fortnite

  • The Chop Shop – northeast of Chromejam Junction
  • Chromejam Crossing
  • Brilliant sound
  • Sunflower Saplings – northwest of Lustrous Lagoon
  • Gas Station – East of Lustrous Lagoon
  • Chrome crossroads
  • The Glow – around Loot Lake
  • Gas Station – West of Loot Lake
  • Raving cave
  • Shroom Chalet – southwest of Rave Cave
  • ‘Stool Fuels – southwest of Rave Cave
  • Reality tree
  • Shroom Station – southeast of Reality Tree
  • House – northwest of Tainted Towers
  • Contaminated towers
  • Gas Station – South of Tainted Towers
  • Drifting Double Bombs – Southwest of Herald’s Sanctum
  • Rocky reels
  • Gas Station – East of Fort Jonesy
  • Displaced Depot – West of Greasy Grove
  • Mushroom Farm: Southwest of Greasy Grove
  • Synapse station
  • Chonker Expressway
  • Cloudy condos

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How to find the latest Scientist Research Notes in Fortnite

Dumpsters fortnite, How to search an open dumpster in Fortnite

Once you reach any of these locations, look behind buildings, alleys, or fenced areas. To search the Dumpster for Research Notes, you'll need to go up close and select the option to hide inside:

  • X on Xbox
  • Square on PlayStation
  • E on PC

Once you jump down, you'll see the research notes drop to the ground next to the dumpster. You can then jump again and hold the same button to pick them up. This will cause Agent Jonesy to confirm that he found the notes and proceed to the next step of the missions.

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You'll want to keep an eye out for any players while doing this. You will have to restart if you are interrupted before collecting the notes. Happy dumpster dives!

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