Pokemon scarlet and violet girafarig evolution || How to evolve Girafarig into Farigiraf

How to evolve Girafarig into Farigiraf - Girafarig is one of the older Pokemon dating back to Generation 2 and making its entrance in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Fans were surprised that he has evolved into the latest title after 20 years and they can witness his awesomeness once again.

Many have been endlessly searching for how they can get to the next evolution of the long-necked Giraffe-type Pokémon. If you are also a fan of this Pokemon and want to know how to evolve it to the next variation, then our short guide is perfect for you. Continue reading the article to learn about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and how to evolve from Girafarig to Farigiraf.


Pokemon scarlet and violet girafarig evolution || How to evolve Girafarig into Farigiraf

Pokemon scarlet girafarig location

For those who don't know, Girafarig is a normal/psychic Pokemon and is a favorite of many. In the past, Girafarig was a rare type of Pokemon and was all the talk in the community. At present, many were glad that it returned in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and got its own new evolution.

However, finding it can completely depend on one's luck, as it appears only in a small part of the map in Paldea. To narrow down your search for Girafarig, you can head to West Province (Area 2), which is located north of the Asada Desert and south of Lake Casseroya. Look for grassy fields in that area and you will eventually spot it. Now the question is how you can evolve it in the game. See the next section to learn more.

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How to evolve Girafarig to Farigiraf in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Once you capture Girafarig and add it to your party, simply explore Paldea and use it in battles. Once you've reached level 32, you'll be open to learning new moves. You need to make sure that the pokemon learns Twin Beam as it is the key to evolution. Once this move is added to your arsenal, a notification will appear stating that the Girafarig has evolved.

Once your Girafarig has evolved into a Farigiraf, you can go ahead and engage in battles, go on picnics, and do quests. It is a better version of Girafarig that can work in many situations. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

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