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The best motorcycle are put to the test to determine the fastest in GTA Online

Fastest motorcycle in gta 5 - Sitting on one of the fastest bikes in GTA Online will give you the opportunity to dominate your opponents during high octane motorcycle races, as well as help you complete any two-wheeler challenges you need to dial and, perhaps most importantly, look like a badass guy when you walk away and leave a cloud of dust around your GTA Online team.

The best motorcycle are put to the test to determine the fastest in GTA Online

If you want to choose one of the fastest bikes in GTA Online, then there is more to think about than just its top speed, as without the acceleration, you will be left behind in a race, and if you don't ride it well enough, you will end up crashing. against a wall when the curves begin. As always, price is also an important factor, unless you have accumulated a large amount of GTA $ in your account. So not only will we highlight the top five for top speed, but we'll also look at the top five in lap times achieved, all of which use Broughy's custom tracks for accurate results.


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The fastest bikes in GTA Online: top speed

  • Deathbike - 241 Km / h
  • BF400: 220 Km / h
  • Bati 801 - 217 Km / h
  • Hakuchou - 215 Km / h
  • Ruffian - 204 Km / h

As you can see from the list, the Deathbike has by far the highest top speed, which largely helped boost the nitro you can use to get a little extra juice out of it. To get the Deathbike, you need to invest in an Arena War arena workshop and then convert a Gargoyle bike for GTA $ 1,269,000, which means you will make a total investment of GTA $ 2m + to unlock this beast.

Behind that, the BF400, Bati 801, and Hakuchou have pretty similar top speeds, and either of them can be purchased from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website for a much more reasonable price. The BF400 costs GTA $ 95,000, the Hakuchou is GTA $ 82,000, and despite its position at number 3 on our top speed list, the Bati 801 will only cost you $ 15,000.

The fastest bikes in GTA Online: lap time

  • Shotaro - 00: 57.490
  • Hakuchou - 00: 57.590
  • Bati 801 - 00: 58.625
  • Akuma - 00: 58.892
  • Deathbike - 00: 59.017

Lap times take into account acceleration and handling rather than just top speed. This test shows the Shotaro in pole position, and if you want to buy this bike, you will first need to play at least one round of Deadline Adversary Mode, after which it will be available at Legendary Motorsports, but at the price of GTA $ 2,225,000.

Nearby we have the Hakuchou, which is priced at GTA $ 976,000. The Bati 801 comes in second, but as we mentioned earlier, the ridiculously low price of just GTA $ 15,000 still makes it a more than attractive bike. Although the Deathbike has by far the highest top speed in testing, it was only able to reach No. 5 in lap times due to its heavier ride.

Fastest bikes in GTA Online: which one is the best?

Ultimately, the question of which GTA Online bike is better comes down to personal preference and drivability. If you want a bike with incredible top speed and pretty solid handling, then the Deathbike is your best choice. If you are looking for an agile ride, with smooth maneuverability and you don't mind riding a bike that looks like it was straight out of the movie Tron, then the Shotaro is definitely for you.

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Finally, if you're on a tight budget, the Bati 801 ranks high in both top speed and lap time, and only costs a fraction of the price of other bikes, making it a great option to have in your garage. Whichever you choose, be sure to take the time and practice to really understand riding the bike so you can get the most out of it, and remember to always wear your helmet.

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