Where to find Sky Jellies in Fortnite, location Sky Jellies Fortnite

Where to find sky jellies fortnite - With a new Battle Pass packed with skins like Doomslayer and Geralt of Rivia coming soon, as well as Super Level Styles, you'll need to earn as much XP as possible to unlock all the rewards ahead of Season 2.

The Winterfest quests have wrapped up and the week 4 quests have arrived, tasking players with riding Kinetic Ore and bouncing off Sky Jellies for health or shield. Here's what these Sky Jellies are and where to find them.

What are Sky Jellies in Fortnite?

Sky Jellies are the floating Slurp jellyfish that you will see on the Fortnite map. Similar to Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms, jumping on them will give you health and shield.


Where to find Sky Jellies in Fortnite, location Sky Jellies Fortnite

Or, if you choose to damage the Sky Jellies, they will fall to the ground before exploding and throwing you away with a Shockwave Grenade effect.

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Sky Jellies Location Fortnite

Unfortunately, Sky Jellies cannot be found in a certain location around the Fortnite map, they will spawn at the start of the match and then float around in a random path.

Just keep an eye out for the floating groups of jellyfish around the map and jump on them for 50 health and shields to complete the week 4 quest for 16,000 XP.

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