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Fortnite GeoGuessr, How to play Fortnite GeoGuessr

Where in fortnite geoguessr - Over the course of the last few years, GeoGuessr has become a global phenomenon. In a nutshell, GeoGuessr is a game that has players guess the location of a single image or a street view of a place.

Fortnite GeoGuessr, How to play Fortnite GeoGuessr

The simple, yet extremely challenging game started making waves as experts started uploading their runs to YouTube. Fans were shocked that a person could immediately tell where a place was based on a picture of practically nothing. Due to the popularity of GeoGuessr, the game was adapted beyond just guessing locations around the Earth.

One adaptation of GeoGuessr that players are currently interested in is based on Fortnite.

As you may have guessed, the Fortnite GeoGuessr adaptation requires players to guess the location from an image of the Fortnite maps. The Fortnite version of the game has dozens of maps that users can play, all featuring different locations and various versions of the game's island. If you want to play this version of GeoGuessr, keep reading the guide below for all the details.

Playing Fortnite GeoGuessr

To get started, you'll need to go to This is not an official adaptation of GeoGuessr, but it is basically the same game as the original. On the website, you can choose to play single player where you try to get the best possible score or choose multiplayer to go against a friend.

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From there, you can choose which map to play. The maps are separated by different chapters and seasons. There are currently 25 maps in total, giving users plenty of options to test their Fortnite knowledge. If you choose the Chapter 1 Season 4 map, for example, you'll be guessing at island locations from that season.

Once you have selected your map, you will be given your first location to guess. You must accurately guess where you are on the map to get the maximum number of points.

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