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How to Start Lost Ark x The Witcher Limited Time Event

How to Start Lost Ark - One of the greatest collaborations of all time, Lost Ark and The Witcher, finally comes to life with new in-game events and rewards for the critically acclaimed MMO.


How to Start Lost Ark x The Witcher Limited Time Event

Some of these rewards include things like Witcher Potions, three jukebox songs, a new card game featuring five Witcher characters, a new fortress structure, emotes and stickers, and a title! However, you do not automatically have access to the event simply because you were logged in while it was occurring.

To start the event, you will first need to unlock it by talking to the guild investigator in the major cities. It is important to note that before doing this, you will need to have completed a prerequisite.

What are the prerequisites to start the Lost Ark x The Witcher event?

To officially start the event, you'll need to complete the main story mission, Set Sail. Finishing this quest gives you the ability to sail around Arkesia, so you can use the ocean liner to sail to White Wolf Haven Island. 

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At that point, you'll be able to start your journey with a cast of characters from The Witcher games, including Ciri, Geralt, Dandelion, Yennefer, and Triss. You'll even be able to purchase Witcher-themed items from the in-game store, though you don't need to have started the event in order to purchase them. 

You only need to start the event if you want to participate in the limited-time events and earn limited-time rewards.

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