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Where is the bio on TikTok account? - Do it easily

Where is the bio on TikTok account - The biography of an account on Tik Tok is all the information you see on your profile. For example, if you tap on a person's username, you'll be taken to their profile, and all the information you see, from their photo to their description, is their bio.

There are people who leave a description where they mention their nationality, or any aspect of their life, such as age, hobbies, sports, favorites, among others. But all this data is only a part, since the username is also part of the biography.

Now Tik Tok allows you to make custom covers. That is, you can use a profile photo or a short video as a presentation on your profile, of course this must be adapted to the APP's recommendations, regarding the type of content, since adult content is prohibited.

Where is the bio on TikTok account? - Do it easily

If you are going to use a video as a profile, you should not worry about the measurements, since these are reduced to the space offered in the interface. It is important to know that this function is available for the normal version of Tik Tok, not the Lite one.

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What data is in the TikTok timeline?

You can create a Tik Tok account using your Facebook profile, and the same data from your Facebook profile is automatically added as a Tik Tok biography. Of course you can modify the data to your liking, also several shown in your Tik Tok profile, since some can be modified and others cannot. A biography has the following information.

Differences between 'username' and 'name'

In your Tik Tok biography or profile you will be able to see the username and the normal one, the difference between the two is the use. That is, the username represents your Tik Tok account, a person can be found by typing it in the search engine.

Your name only represents your profile and does not do any extra function. That is, it is just a text displayed at the top of your biography for the sole purpose of informing.

A description of the account

In your biography you have 80 characters in which you can write anything, it is very common to add various data about our activities or hobbies, as well as personal information such as nationality, or the city where the user is located.

Networks linked to the profile

Tik Tok offers us the possibility of linking our Instagram or YouTube accounts, when doing so they will also be shown in the form of an icon in our biography.

You should know that you can change the privacy settings of Tik Tok and thus decide which user can see your biography or profile, since you will receive a request and it is your decision to approve or reject it.

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Where to find the biography of an account within TikTok?

To find the biography of a TikTok account, you must be located on the main screen of this social network, at the bottom you must click on the icon where it says "Me", and the biography of the account will automatically open.

If you want to change your account bio
You can change the data or information that you have in the biography of your TikTok account, it is very simple, you just need:

  • Enter the App
  • Then select the “Me” icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen of your device

And right there you can change the data you want, from changing your profile photo, adding a video or removing your description, you can also edit your name and your username and you can even add a direct access to the profiles of your YouTube or Instagram accounts. .

To find someone else's timeline on TikTok

To see another person's biography, the process is very similar, for this you must locate the user, once you find him, you just have to click on his profile picture and you will be able to see all its content including his biography.

It is important to highlight that you cannot make any type of adjustment or add information, just send a message, you can follow it, unfollow it and if you want to report it, you must press the three dots in the upper right corner and there you choose the option what do you want.

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Why isn't a profile bio on TikTok?

When this happens it is because the owner of the account has blocked the users and this prevents people from interacting, watching the videos or sending messages, also only their name and profile picture can be seen.

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