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Easter bunny filter || How to get Easter Bunny Filter on Instagram

Easter bunny filter Instagram - There are many viral Instagram filters and are widely used by Instagram users in the world. Now in Australia, Canada and the UK are viral an in-program filter that is much sought after and used on Instagram stories, the name of the filter is Easter Bunny Filter.

The cute easter bunny filter is included in the Instagram filter category for selfies, because if you use this Easter bunny filter it will give a funny effect, that is, you will look like you have long ears like a rabbit. So that your beautiful face will be more attractive and look very funny

Easter bunny filter || How to get Easter Bunny Filter on Instagram

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There are some Instagram users who feel confused because it turns out that some information says that the Easter bunny filter is of various kinds, because there you will find Easter bunny masks, Easter bunny frames, and many more types of Easter bunny filters that you can get.

To determine the type of Easter bunny filter you like, then you better choose it yourself. to do search Easter bunny filter you can do the method below.

How To Get Easter Bunny Filter on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram application
  2. Tap on Instagram story
  3. Scroll the filter collection to the left, so that you find the search for effects icon
  4. Type in the search effect "Easter bunny"
  5. You will see a large selection of Easter bunny filters
  6. Select the Easter bunny filter you want
  7. Tap try if you want to try Instagram's Easter bunny filter
  8. Tap save effect if you want to save Instagram's Easter bunny filter


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By following all the steps above, now you have the Easter bunny filter on the Instagram camera rool, you can now make videos using the Easter bunny filter to get the rabbit ears filter and please share the video on the Instagram story.

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