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How to change the language on TikTok ( Easy )

How to change language on TikTok - TikTok is loved by many people, especially young people, all over the world. And that is why the social media giant is available in many different languages.

However, if you want to practice a new language or switch to the one you speak, it's not hard to do. In this article, we will cover the most important topics related to TikTok and languages.

How to change your language on TikTok


How to change the language on TikTok ( Easy )

When talking about using a different language on TikTok, users can refer to two aspects. They may be curious about how to change the language of your TikTok video. Or, more commonly, how to change the language of the app and use it in your preferred language.

How to change the language of your TikTok video


The short answer to this question is: speaking a different language in the video. Jokes aside, another option is to choose to add a song or sound effect in another language.

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The third option would be to use a third-party app that can translate your words orally. And then attach it to your TikTok video. Unfortunately, TikTok does not yet have a feature to automatically translate languages in video.

How to change app language for TikTok


How to change the language on TikTok ( Easy )

If you want to change the TikTok language from English to any other available on the platform, it's just a few steps:

  1. Open TikTok on your mobile device.
  2. Go to your profile page and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. From there, tap on “Application Language”.
  4. Tap one of the languages on the list, and then click "Done."

The language of the application will change automatically. If you want to go back to English, it's best to remember all the steps you've done visually and see how long it will take you to do it. Alternatively, you can delete and reinstall the app.

How to change your language in Chinese TikTok

TikTok has two versions. The international version used by most users outside of mainland China. And Douyin, the Chinese TikTok that requires users to have a mobile phone registered in mainland China. If you are using Douyin, your default language will be set to Chinese language.

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There are strict regulations regarding this topic, so it can be difficult to change the language of the application to any other. Perhaps the best thing to do is download and install TikTok International instead.

How to change the language of TikTok in China

Again, if you're using Douyin, that might not be possible. However, if you are in mainland China and have a non-Chinese phone number, you will be able to use the app in any language you want.

Please note that China has local rules and laws regarding the use of TikTok, and you should inform yourself before you travel.

How to change the default language on TikTok

Another problem that some TikTok users may run into is that the default language of the app is not set as it should be. Maybe you bought a used phone and the previous owner didn't wipe TikTok from the device, but the default language set isn't English.

You can google the in-app translation options to find the right path, but that could take forever. The best option is to delete the app from your phone and reinstall it. You can then choose the default language and continue using the app.

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