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Where to find Golden Egg in Vampire Survivors

Where to find Golden Egg in Vampire Survivors - The Golden Egg in Vampire Survivors is a pickup item that permanently increases a random stat on the player's current character by a small amount. 

Since the goal of Vampire Survivors is to survive as long as possible against the constant waves of monsters, Golden Egg can give players some much-needed boosts to help prevent damage from creatures when they come into contact with the player.

Although roguelike games have only been introduced to the general gaming audience as a new genre in the last few years, Vampire Survivors already defines the genre. Golden Eggs increase a character's starting stats, but only take effect for the next game session. 


Players can get a Golden Egg by purchasing it from the vendor for 10,000 gold, killing one of the four Masked Guardians or a Lunar Guardian, or killing Death with Infinite Corridor or Crimson Shroud.

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The best ways to get the golden egg in Vampire Survivors

Where to find Golden Egg in Vampire Survivors

The easiest way to get the golden egg in Vampire Survivors is to buy it from the merchant for 10,000 gold each. Players can buy as many golden eggs as they want, as long as they have enough coins, and they can use any of the best Vampire Survivors gold-making setups to earn more gold. 


Players can find the Merchant in Moongolow, the game's second bonus stage, after unlocking Hyper Mode in four normal stages. Players can also force the merchant to appear in other stages if they bought a Glass Vizard from him for another 10,000 gold coins.

Another way players can earn a Golden Egg is by simply casting an Honesty spell using Morbane's Forbidden Scrolls in The Bone Zone. Players can obtain the honesty spell after unlocking the Moongolow stage and hyper mode in Vampire Survivors. Alternatively, players can use cheat codes in Vampire Survivors to get the spell without doing all the work.

Vampire Survivors players also have a chance to collect a Golden Egg by defeating Masked Guardians in any of the game's stages. Of the four Atlanteans in Vampire Survivors guarding various elements of the stage, one will surely drop a Golden Egg when defeated, but the chance is entirely random. 


These Masked Guardians include the Atlantean of the Sun, who protects the Golden Ring, the Atlantean of the Moon, who protects the Silver Ring, the Atlantean of the City, who protects the Left Metaglion, and the Atlantean of the Volcano, who protects the Right Metaglion. As mentioned in the Vampire Survivors beginner tips, the Moongolow boss, known as Moongolow Atlantean, also has a chance to drop a Golden Egg after being defeated.

Finally, when it comes to farming Golden Eggs in Vampire Survivors, The Reaper is probably the best source players can find, as this enemy can drop up to five Golden Eggs at once. The Reaper, also known as Death, appears in each stage once the time limit for that specific stage reaches zero. However, for this enemy to drop golden eggs, players need to defeat The Reaper using Infinite Corridor, which is the evolution of the Clock Lancet into Vampire Survivors, or the Crimson Shroud, which is the evolution of Laurel.

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Players who take their time progressing in Vampire SurvivorsYou've probably come across this creature your fair share of times through various stages, but unfortunately, only defeating it with certain weapons grants Golden Eggs as a drop item.

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