How to easily beat Meka mechanical enemies in Genshin Impact

How To easily beat Meka mechanical enemies in Genshin Impact - In addition to introducing Fontaine, Genshin Impact version 4.0 also introduces new enemies called mechanical mecha. Although they may look like sophisticated robots, they can be quite difficult to defeat, especially for new players.

Genshin Impact Meka Mechanical Enemy Combat Guide

The trick to easily defeating Clockwork Meka's enemies lies in the Energetic Mechanical Pneumosis, introduced in the Fontaine region. Each mechanical Meka can be imbued with Pneuma (Yellow) or Ousia (Blue) Energy. If you hit one with its counterpart, you can activate the Kill Reaction by stunning the enemy for several seconds.

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One way to imbue your attack with Pneumosia Energy is by picking up energy blocks found in nature. They appear as glowing spheres, with the Ousia power block colored blue and the Pneuma power block colored yellow. Unfortunately, they are quite rare and can usually be found near puzzles.

How to easily beat Meka mechanical enemies in Genshin Impact

The best way to trigger the kill reaction during combat is by using the Fontaine or Hydro Traveler characters. The traveler has Pneuma energy, which means you can use them to easily beat Ousia Clockwork Meka. If you want to beat the enemies of Pneuma, you can use Lynette (Ousia), who you can invite to your party for free upon reaching Adventure Rank 25.

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In addition to beating Clockwork Meka, you will also have the opportunity to face the boss of Special Ruin Grader in Genshin Impact. This enemy is part of The Aqueous Tidemarks quest and can regenerate health upon death.

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