Commander niall elden ring, How to defeat Commander Niall in Elden Ring

How to beat commander niall - If you don't want to miss a single boss within Elden Ring, one that must fall before your expertise is Commander Niall, a boss that you can overlook, but who will surely give you more than one scare.

Commander niall elden ring, How to defeat Commander Niall in Elden Ring

We will find this knight in Castillo de Sol and at first he will surprise us with an unfair combat, so you better aim well and take note of some of the best ways to fight this boss.

How to defeat Commander Niall in Elden Ring: strategies and the easiest way to beat him

Once the fight begins you will see that Commander Niall has summoned two knights to tan your back, so it will be a fairly tense 3 on 1. The logical thing would be to finish the two summons and then face the boss, but better not.

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Eliminate only one summon, since if you defeat both, Commander Niall will go to his second phase and things will get more complicated. This is Elden Ring though and such a cheap trick isn't going to stop the bosses.

Once he receives enough damage, Niall will go to phase two and his attacks will begin to hit you in an area. He rolls at the right moment or move away, but be very careful, because his attacks are very aggressive and fast.

It is also true that the vast majority of his attacks are quite easy to handle, just be very careful if you move away, since he will charge electricity with a stomp and perform a mega jump that will end up crushing you if you get lost.

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With this boss... patience. If you control the dodges you can manage to make a couple of hits in a row. Give wax and polish wax, you know. You can also use magic and poison to weaken him when you are at a good distance.

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