How to change your appearance in Starfield | can you change your traits in starfield

Can you change your appearance in starfield -   Starfield Even after character creation, it is possible to change the appearance or name. If you created a mediocre hero or his appearance simply became boring, you can always contact a specialized clinic and, for a small fee, make adjustments to the character's visual parameters. 

In this guide we tell you how to change your appearance in Starfield, in which locations you can do it, how much this service costs and what values you can change.

How to change your appearance in Starfield

How to change your appearance in Starfield | can you change your traits in starfield


There is only one way to change the appearance of a character in Starfield: contact a specialized salon. You can find genetic clinics of this type in major cities:

  • New Atlantis [New Atlantis] is a trade area between Infinity LTD and Outland.
  • Akila city [Akila City] - On the left after entering the main gate near the barracks.
  • Neon [Neon] - To the right of the Neon Core main street, to the left of the Volii Hotel.

Advertising for these services can be found on banners, posters, and advertisements on buildings. Once inside the clinic, talk to the worker and select the option "I would like to use your services" and pay 500 credits, which will open the body modification menu. Almost all parameters can be changed: body weight, muscles, skin color, body shape, scars and everything related to appearance. It can not be changed:

  • Character traits.
  • Biography.


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However, if you want to change these indicators, they will help you.

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