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I am lost tiktok | How To Do The I Am Lost Challenge on Tiktok

I am lost tiktok - The tiktok application is an application that can be used to make short videos using really cool effects. Right now tiktok is also in the trend of a chalenge that is called I am lost tiktok, there is also # i am lost tiktok song name, i am lost tiktok audio and i am lost song on tiktok
I am lost tiktok | How To Do The I Am Lost Challenge on Tiktok

I am lost filter is actually famous in an application called Snapchat, but the videos that have been made with the filter I am Lost Snapchat are posted in many tiktok so that finally the trend in tiktok with the challenge is called I Am Lost Challenge on Tiktok

If you want to join the trend I Am Lost Challenge on Tiktok then below the admin will share about how to get the I am lost snapchat filter which you can then share the video on tiktok

How to get I am lost Snapchat filter and tiktok

  1. Please specify a photo of the object to be used as a "I am lost" background 
  2. Open the Snapchat application on your device and go to the camera screen. 
  3. Now please press the filter icon (smiley face) located to the right of the camera button to open the filter. 
  4. Tap 'create' in the lower left corner. 
  5. The filter icon icon will appear I am lost, eyes and mouth will appear. 
  6. Now you select the photo that you took before. 
  7. You can adjust your eyes and mouth according to the object you want 
  8. When you want to take a photo then you tap once, but to record it on video please press and hold, and please Video i am lost has been saved.

How To Do The I Am Lost Challenge Tiktok


The video that you have created on Snapchat then you upload it and provide additional sound and text to tiktok. The trick is  
  • Open the Tiktok application 
  • Please tap search, then type #iamlostchallange 
  • Now you Select the video that you want to upload using #iamlostchallange, then tap the sound under its name 
  • Then tap 'add to favorites'

That's the explanation that the admin can share about How To Do the I Am Lost Challenge on Tiktok, hopefully this post is useful for you, thank you

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