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How To Add Numbers on whatsapp as how to add people on whatsapp

How to add people on whatsapp is very easy. If you are new and using whatsapp now, then it might be a bit difficult for you to do so. So in this post we will tell you complete information about How to add a number on whatsapp

How To Add Numbers on whatsapp as how to add people on whatsapp

You should know that whatsapp is a social networking application, where anyone can send and receive messages, photos, videos to other whatsapp users by creating their id. Apart from all this, there are many other features that make our various types of online work easier. How to use whatsapp is also very easy, even if you are a new user, you can learn it easily.

How To save number on whatsapp

Have you created a new whatsapp id, and then you don't understand how to send messages, photos, videos to any of your friends. So let us tell you that before sending anything to anyone on WhatsApp, you should save their WhatsApp number on your phone. Which ID is generated from the cellphone number itself, so there is also a WhatsApp ID. But you can send anything on whatsapp to him, whose id has been created in whatsapp. So by now you must have understood whose number should be stored and whose number should not be.

This means you already have the numbers of your friends, family, relatives on your mobile. So if he uses whatsapp, then his account will appear on whatsapp. So you don't need to save their number. You add up the number of people whose numbers are not on your phone. So let us tell you further that my whatsapp contact kaise add karte hi, and how to chat with them.

How To add whatsapp number
Whatsapp number means mobile number as we have said. So you save the mobile number of the people who are whatsapp users in your mobile, and their contact number is not in your mobile. So for that, open your phone/contacts app and save the phone number with some of the methods below

Method 1: Phone App

  • First open the phone app.
  • Now click on the number type icon.
  • Now type in the mobile number, and click on create new contact.
  • Now select an option to save like phone, simcard1 or sim card2.
  • Now write the name and click on the compose icon from the top.

Now that mobile number will be saved on your mobile. You will open that number by searching for that number or its name in the phone app, then it will appear here whether whatsapp is created from that number or not. If the id has been created then messages, voice calls, video calls can also be made from this.

Method 2: Whatsapp App

  • Now click on the message icon from the bottom.
  • Now click on new contact.
  • Now select an option like phone or sim card.
  • Now write the first name and type the mobile number. After that click the compose icon.

So in this way you can add mobile number to whatsapp too. Which even in this method, the number is stored on the phone or the sim card itself.

How to find out someone's whatsapp profile/id

When you create an account on whatsapp for the first time, then your profile is empty. Because you haven't chatted with anyone. So suppose you want to send or chat with any WhatsApp user and have trouble finding their ID, or if you don't understand, then its very simple, there are many ways to find out someone's whatsapp d

How to find out someone's whatsapp profile via Phone/Contacts App
I have told you this method, in which case you have to open your mobile phone app. And after searching any whatsapp user name or number, click on that number and open it. After this, several options will appear at the bottom, such as for voice calls, video calls, and chats, you can also contact them on WhatsApp through this option.

How to find out someone's whatsapp profile through the Whatsapp Application

Message Icon - Open whatsapp app and click on message icon from bottom. After this, if you will be asked to allow the contact number then allow it.

Now all numbers will be saved in your mobile and list of all people whose whatsapp id will be generated will come here. So with whom you want to chat or send anything, you can send them by clicking on their id.

Search icon - You get this option at the top of whatsapp, then after clicking on it, if you type in the mobile number or name whose ID has been created then their profile will appear. Click where you can chat with them

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Now friends, you must have understood how to save whatsapp numbers, and how to chat with them by looking for their id. Hope you like this post. So, share on social media. And if you have any questions, you can ask them by commenting.

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