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Apex Legends gives away more loot for watching Twitch streamers

Apex legends twitch drops - Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are bringing Apex Legends players another round of Twitch Drops this month with several unique rewards available each week from now until early August. The rewards this time around are loading screens, and all you have to do to earn them is look at a couple of Twitch streamers after first making sure your accounts are properly set up and connected to receive these types of rewards.

Six loading screens in total will be distributed to Apex Legends players with one per week through August 3. One of these has already been revealed and can be seen below with Horizon and Valkyrie, two of the high-flying Legends in the Battle Royale game.

Apex Legends gives away more loot for watching Twitch streamers

However, these are not just normal loading screens - they are created by the community. Respawn has been sharing more and more content created by Appendix players recently on social media, and for this month's Twitch Drops, the rewards were created by community members.

To earn Twitch Drops, you will first need to set up a Twitch account. Then link your platform account, such as a Nintendo Switch Online or PlayStation Network account, to your EA account. Head over to Twitch and navigate to the page in settings where you can link accounts and connect your EA account to Twitch, at which point you are ready to receive Drops.

To get the reward for each week, you will have to tune in to specific Twitch streamers. This week's watch rotation can be seen above. You only have to watch a stream for an hour after setting everything up to get your reward, but make sure you don't jump between streams to rack up a total hour of watch time as that won't work.

Next week, we'll see a different group of streamers with Drops enabled in their streams highlighted by the Apex Legends Twitter account so people know who to watch. When you get your loading screen a day after completing your watch task, know that the notification may look a little different than you expected, but you definitely got the drop.

"Once you've earned a screen and decide to start your game to admire his art, you'll notice a strange redemption message popping up," said a notice about the redemption process for Drop. “The title will continue to read 'Twitch Drops', but the image that will be displayed will be one from Apex Legends Global Series and the copy will simply read 'Unlocked'. Discard this and rest assured that your shiny new loading screen will be available for you to equip. "

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The first of the new Twitch Drops is now available in Apex Legends with more to come later this month.

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