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How to get honeycomb in minecraft, read here

How to get Honeycomb in minecraft - Finding Honeycomb in Minecraft can be quite an arduous and potentially dangerous process if a player is not prepared.  While Minecraft's bees were widely received as adorable, but just like their real-life counterparts, the Minecraft block insects are an incredibly important part of the virtual ecosystem. Bees can create useful products like Honeycomb, which is an integral part of a variety of craftable items.

How to get honeycomb in minecraft, read here

But Honeycomb in Minecraft can be a difficult and potentially dangerous resource to harvest. This is where to find Honeycomb, tips for harvesting it, and different types of uses.

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How To locate the honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycomb can be initially obtained by a player through the Beehives, which is the aforementioned "hard" part of the process. Hives are very rare and only spawn in a few selected biomes, that is, the only ones that contain oak and birch trees. Here is each biome that fits the requirements and the percentage chance that a hive will spawn on any of the trees.

  • Plains- 5%
  • Flower Forest 2%
  • Any other variety of forest 0.2%

To further skew the chances of finding a viable hive, it must be at level 5, which essentially means that the bees have entered it multiple times. Below is an image of a beehive in Minecraft that is ready to harvest.  A hive that is ready to harvest will have honey particles dripping from the bottom. Certain textures on the block will also noticeably fill with the golden liquid.

Tips for honeycomb harvesting

If a hive has reached the required level, players may be tempted to break it, as that is the typical method of extracting the specific resource from a block. However, simply breaking the hive will produce nothing but agitated bees attacking a player.

Instead, players must use Shears to ensure that Beehive produces three Honeycombs. Doing this will still anger the bees and cause them to become aggressive against the player. To avoid this, placing a lit campfire or setting fire to the block below the Hive will prevent Minecraft mobs from leaving the hive.
Alternatively, and perhaps more efficiently, a player can break the block with an Ax that has the Silk Touch enchantment, which will preserve the block when broken. Bees will be kept inside and the appropriate gathering level will be maintained, meaning it can be moved closer to a player's base. The bees will continue to pollinate the hive, which means that players will no longer have to embark on a journey to locate a hive.

Honeycomb uses

Nature's progression is truly a circle, as Honeycomb is one of the main ingredients in making a hive. Six planks of wood of any variety and three honeycombs are required for the recipe. Just put the honeycomb in the middle row of the crafting table interface and put it on both sides with the boards. Handmade beehives act in the same way as those found in nature. Bees will enter the hive at night, while it is raining, or after pollinating flowers.

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Honeycomb is also a main ingredient in various cosmetic items such as Honeycomb Block and Candle, which can be used as a way to see in Minecraft. Honeycomb can also be added to different blocks to give them a new look.

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