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Halo Infinite multiplayer skin locations, read here

Multiplayer Skin location Halo Infinite -  You will be surprised to learn that you can find Halo Infinite multiplayer skins and other cosmetic items in the single player campaign. You can find them in the open world by capturing FOBs by pinging the location of the skin on the world map. Once marked on your map, all you have to do is find the Mjolnir Armory crates and open them to get the item.

However, not all of these lockers have armored lining. They can also have weapon skins, vehicle skins, emblems, dog tags, charms, and poses. Once you've opened a locker, you can equip your character with these items in multiplayer. For more on this, check out our Halo Infinite character customization guide.

Halo Infinite multiplayer skin locations, read here

You could open any of the lockers in the Mjolnir Armory. However, we have divided all the items into their respective categories in case you want to prioritize Halo Infinite multiplayer skins or other unlockable items. Also, some of the lockers are hard to find, so here is a description of their location.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer skin locations

All armor skins available in the campaign are for MKVII armor. These colors cannot be transferred to other armor styles. Here are the ten Halo Infinite multiplayer skin locations:

  • Obelisk Stone - Tremonius Outpost near the Landing Site
  • Shadow Sorel - northwest of FOB Delta
  • Crimson Vettel - In the lake southeast of the Tremonius outpost
  • Deception Banished - On the cliff northwest of FOB Bravo
  • Air combat Makovich - southeast of the archaeological site on the cliff
  • Blood Shadow - West of Foxhound Squad
  • Wild Kovan - southeast of Foxhound Squad
  • Shadow Sorel - in the northern part of the area near the FOB delta, near a niche in the cliffs
  • Midnight Griffin - Southwest of the Tower
  • Scorpio Horvath - on the edge of the map southwest of the tower

Halo Infinite weapon skin locations

There are also weapon skins with the Warmaster’s Prize coating, but these are limited to human weapons. Here are the five skins for the weapons in Halo Infinite:

  • Warmaster’s Prize M41 SPNKr liner - north of FOB Alpha
  • Warmaster's Award-Winning Battle Rifle Casing - South Western Weapons Battery
  • Bulldog Warmaster’s Prize Overlay - West of Bluebell Squad
  • Warmaster’s Prize Assault Rifle Casing - North of FOB Julia
  • Warmaster's Prize Commando Rifle Coating - Southeast of FOB Lima

Halo Infinite Vehicle Skin Locations

With the Banished Deception series of coatings, you can also give vehicles a new look. Here are the six Halo Infinite vehicle skin locations:

  • Banished Deception Ridgeback Siding - South of FOB Echo
  • Boar Cladding of Deception Banished - On the cliffs to the southwest of the southwest beacon. It's pretty tall so you may need grip shot upgrades or a flying vehicle.
  • Banished Deception Mongoose Siding - North of Southwest Beacon
  • Rockethog's Casing of Deception Banished - Southeast of FOB Julia
  • Banished Deception Scorpion Siding - Southwest of the Broken Gate
  • Gungoose Cladding of Banished Deception - on the cliff north of Riven Gate

Halo Infinite emblems, name tags, charms and positional positions

In the finale, here are the other 13 Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armory locations:

  • Banished Armor Emblem - East of FOB Bravo
  • Banished Nameplate - West of Excavation Site
  • Banished Weapon Spell - South of Lancer Squad
  • Banished Weapons Emblem - North of Bluebell Squad
  • Unexpected Armor Emblem - East of FOB Foxtrot
  • Unexpected Nameplate - Northwest of Riven Gate
  • Weapon Identification Tags - Southeast of FOB November
  • Olympic Stance - South of FOB Foxtrot
  • Infinity nameplate - right in front of the entrance to the base that protects the first tower
  • Infinite Armor Emblem - Northwest of FOB Hotel
  • Griffin Weapon Emblem - southeast of FOB Kilo, near the cliff
  • Griffin Armor Emblem - southeast of the Barroth HVT bounty
  • Griffin Nameplate - North of FOB November


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These are all the multiplayer skins of Halo Infinite and other items that you can get from the lockers in Mjolnir Armory. We also have a guide to the elusive Halo Infinite skull locations. Once you've outfitted your Spartan with your new skins, check out our tips on the best weapons in Halo Infinite, the Halo Infinite Battle Pass, and the Halo Infinite Weekly Challenge.

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