Skin Nick Fury Marvel Fortnite : Nick Fury Marvel Fortnite skin hits the Item Shop today

Nick Fury Marvel Fortnite Skin -  Mavel's Nick Fury is coming to Fortnite today.  Epic Games has done numerous collaborations since the first partnership when Epic partnered with Marvel. Since then, we've had collaborations in both the Item Shop and the Battle Pass.

Some collaborations include challenges or tournaments that give players the opportunity to win cosmetics for free. We've already had several partnerships this season, including Naruto and Carnage as part of the Battle Pass.

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There is no doubt that we will have new collaborations in the new season, which will be Chapter 3 of Season 1. However, we will have another Marvel character in the Item Shop today for November 25 and 26.

Nick Fury in Fortnite

Skin Nick Fury Marvel Fortnite : Nick Fury Marvel Fortnite skin hits the Item Shop today
Before the item store restarts each day, the data miners manage to figure out what will be available for purchase a couple of hours before the restart. The data miners looked at the new sections of the store and found that Nick Fury is coming to the store tonight.

Unfortunately, we don't know what Nick Fury Fortnite looks like, but we will update this article as soon as it leaks or when the Item Shop restarts.

The skin is likely to be available for at least a week and there should be various cosmetics on the set. There should be a package where players can get a discount for buying all cosmetics or the option to buy only the skin.

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When the store restarts, we will make sure to post all of the cosmetics in Nick Fury's set along with the price of each one. This is likely to be the last collaboration before the season ends on December 5. Make sure to finish your challenges before 4 p.m. ET, as the season will end after the event.

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