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How to get Kurama Glider for free in fortnite, read here

How to get kurama glider for free - Naruto fans can currently win a free Kurama glider in Fortnite, although there is only a limited amount of time for them to do so. Naurto has arrived in Fortnite, and players now have the opportunity to purchase a variety of cosmetics inspired by that legendary manga / anime series. 

How to get Kurama Glider for free in fortnite, read here

Among these Naruto-themed cosmetics are furs, back blings, and spikes, and there's even a glider that takes the form of Kurama, a nine-tailed beast. While fans can purchase Fortnite Kurama Glider directly from the in-game store, it is freely obtainable as well, and this guide details exactly how it's done.

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How to Get Free Kurama Glider Fortnite

The first step to earning the free Kurama glider is to visit the Fortnite X Naurto Shippuden website. Near the top of this page, players will find a large yellow "Login" button, and they must enter the details associated with their Fortnite accounts when clicking on it. Once logged into the website, fans need to scroll down a bit to see the details of a task that is currently available, and is the key to unlocking the glider.

In fact, players who reach the designated "milestone" for the task before the end of the day will receive the Kurama glider as a reward for their efforts. As of this writing, that milestone is getting 35 eliminations in Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads, and it will be replaced by a new milestone at 12 a.m. ET November 18. 

This type of replacement will continue to occur every day until The final task will be available at 12 a.m. ET November 21, and Fortnite fans should check the website carefully to make sure they are working on an active milestone.

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Once a player reaches a daily milestone, they must return to the Fortnite X Naurto Shippuden website and click "Check my stats" under the available task. It is at this point that fans will be notified that they have earned the Kurama glider, and it should appear in their lockers upon restarting the game. In particular, it is noted that it can take up to an hour for the glider to be distributed to an account, and players need not worry if they do not receive it immediately.

However, the Kurama glider is not the only reward for reaching a daily milestone, as players who succeed in this endeavor will also get the Shinobi Teamwork loading screen. This loading screen shows Naruto characters that are deployed from Fortnite Battle Bus, and it serves as a nice addition to the glider. Additionally, players can earn some Naurto emoticons by working on daily tasks, providing even more incentives to play. 

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