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How to change voicemail on Samsung phone, read here

How to change voicemail Android - Samsung phones have contracts with popular cell phone companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Although voicemail settings are determined by each provider, there is a universal way to check and change voicemail on your Samsung.

Every phone comes with a menu that is easily accessible with a button; and each menu has all the voicemail information.

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How To Change Voicemail on Samsung phone

How to change voicemail on Samsung phone, read here

Step 1
Open your phone if it has a cover. Access the phone menu by selecting the "Menu" button or the button corresponding to access to it.

Step 2

Select the "Messages" or "Messages" section from the menu. Select the "Voicemail" option and press "Speak" as if you verified it.

Step 3
Listen to an automated voice that will guide you through the menus. When it gives you the option to change your personal greeting, enter the options shown. Follow the instructions to record your greeting, then save it. From now on, when you do not answer your call, the caller will be redirected to your personal greeting.

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