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How to use your iPhone as webcam Mac with Continuity Camera

How to use iphone as webcam for mac - Traditionally, Macs have not been characterized by having the best webcams on the market, space is limited and they cannot compete with other solutions. And for that very reason Apple has invented a new function that allows the iPhone to be used as a webcam for the Mac thanks to Continuity Camera.

Best of all, this feature uses the rear cameras of the iPhone, hard to find a better webcam, and does not require any type of cable or configuration to work. As always, Apple has done it their way and it works really well, as well as having some great tricks.

How to use your iPhone as webcam Mac with Continuity Camera

" Continuity Camera allows you to turn your iPhone into a webcam to access advanced features during your video calls and direct streaming. "

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How to use your iPhone as a webcam on Mac wirelessly

Using your iPhone as a webcam with your Mac is very simple, everything really works like magic. You simply need to have the iPhone near your Mac for this feature to work. And the best thing is that it should work with all video calling apps.

Before you begin, there are a few requirements you should know, this is a feature available on newer operating systems. This is what you need:

  • A Mac running macOS Ventura.
  • An iPhone 8 or XR or later with iOS 16.
  • Sign in with the same Apple ID on your Mac and iPhone.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled on both devices.
  • iPhone 11 or later to use the Center Framing and Top View features.
  • iPhone 12 or later to use the Studio Light feature.

How to use your iPhone as webcam Mac with Continuity Camera

Now that we have the requirements clear, it is essential to have our iPhone and Mac updated to the latest available version of their operating system, these are the steps you must follow to use your iPhone as a wireless camera on the Mac without installing anything:

  • Turn on Continuity Camera on iPhone from Settings > General > AirPlay & Handoff > Continuity Camera.
  • Open a video calling app on your Mac, like FaceTime, Zoom, or another app.
  • Your iPhone must be placed in a stable position and with the screen locked.
  • If it does not start automatically, you must enter the app settings and select the iPhone as the camera in the video section.
  • To add effects, tap on the Control Center icon on the top bar and then on Effects.
  • You can activate Center Framing, Portrait Mode, Studio Light, or Aerial View.
  • To disconnect your iPhone, just close the app on your Mac or tap Disconnect on your iPhone.

How to use your iPhone as webcam Mac with Continuity Camera

Use your iPhone's powerful camera system to do things never before possible with a webcam, including Center Frame, Portrait Mode, Studio Light, or Aerial View.

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If you'll be using your iPhone often with this feature, it may be worth buying a mount to place your iPhone on top of your Mac. Belkin and Apple have partnered to design one with MagSafe technology, you can also 3D print it if you get the chance. Although there are also other types of accessories already available that can work.

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