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√ How To Split Screen Samsung Galaxy A Series [Easy]

Split screen Samsung Galaxy A71 - One of the giant Samsung cellphone brands has several cellphones with various variants, including the Samsung A series, Samsung M series, and many other Samsung series. In this post the admin will share specific information about one of the most frequently used features, namely the Samsung Series A Split screen feature, such as the Split screen Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A50, A70 and the highest series, the Samsung Galaxy A80.

The split screen feature is a feature on mobile phones especially Samsung which is commonly used to open two applications on one screen, therefore this feature is called the Split screen feature. Of course, the split screen for some people is very important because they can complete two activities on one screen.

How To Split Screen Samsung Galaxy A Series [ Easy ]

One of the things that often uses the split screen feature is when we read or reply to whatsapp chat while we can watch videos like YouTube videos. If you don't understand how to split screen Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A50, A70 and Samsung Galaxy A80, then please refer to the explanation below

How To Split Screen Samsung Galaxy A Series

  1. Please open an application such as Youtube, then you immediately tap the home button
  2. Now you click the recent apps button (line icon button 3) in the navigation bar. Then you will automatically see a list of the most recently opened applications.
  3. Now you click an application icon, then select "Open in split screen view". Then the screen will automatically be divided into two [split screen]
  4. Next, you will be automatically directed to select a second application, which will appear in the split screen at the bottom.
  5. After finishing selecting the second application, you will now see that the screen is automatically divided in two. Now you just have to set how high the upper and lower screen displays by dragging the split screen line.

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This is the information admin can share about the split screen of the Samsung Galaxy A series, of course with the split screen feature it will be very useful, especially when you want to watch YouTube videos while replying to WhatsApp from your boyfriend.

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