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How to add song lyrics on Xiaomi cellphone for the default music player

How to add song lyrics on Xiaomi - Adding song lyrics on a Xiaomi cellphone is quite easy. Because there is a certain way that I will share below regarding adding song lyrics to music applications. And this method is certainly easy if you follow it.

Talking about Xiaomi, Xiaomi is one of the most well-known smartphone brands in Indonesia and of course in the world as well. Because this smartphone brand originating from China is indeed global thanks to the latest launches of smartphone devices.

Although Xiaomi itself is not only a smartphone, but this brand is famous for its smartphone products. The latest smartphone made by Xiaomi is indeed eagerly awaited by its fans.

Xiaomi smartphones are quite popular because of their pretty good specifications and supported by a body that looks cool. Even so, Xiaomi cellphones still have quite affordable prices compared to other brands with almost the same specifications.


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Because the Smartphone made by Xiaomi is good and at an affordable price, making this device a lot of fans. Especially for the Indonesian market, where Xiaomi devices are mostly in the interest of teenagers.

How to add song lyrics on Xiaomi cellphone for the default music player
Song Lyrics on Xiaomi Phones

In addition to a cool body appearance. Xiaomi also has its own look inside the device. Where Xiaomi wraps its OS display with MIUI, which is where the OS display becomes very cool and popular with users.

The features in Xiaomi are already complete, especially for music. Because Xiaomi has equipped it with the default music application. However, Xiaomi's default music application still has shortcomings.

The drawback is that it displays song lyrics. Although the default music application is actually able to display song lyrics, users need to know how to display it.

Because if you just play the song in the default music application, the lyrics of the song will not be displayed. And for a complete way of displaying song lyrics on Xiaomi as follows.

How to add song lyrics on Xiaomi mobile


The following way to add song lyrics to the default music player and not third-party applications downloaded on playstore.

  1. First, my friend, specify the title of the song you want to add song lyrics to. After getting it buddy note the title.
  2. Then open the default browser and enter the following address
  3. On the web, buddy, look for the song that was recorded earlier.
  4. If you have found it, you click on the song and download the lyric file with the .lrc format.
  5. Next, my friend, open the file manager and create a Lyric folder. And put the lyrics that we have downloaded into that folder.
  6. Then my friend open the Xiaomi default music player.
  7. Play the song according to the lyrics that have been downloaded.
  8. Then my friend select the option "edit song info". Later, my friend clicks on the "couldn't find lyric" section and my friend navigates to the Lyric folder that was created earlier.
  9. If you have, tab ok and the lyrics will automatically be pasted.
  10. And my friend managed to add song lyrics on the Xiaomi cellphone.

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Xiaomi's default music application already supports displaying song lyrics. However, usually the downloaded songs are not yet in a package with the lyrics. So we need to add our own song lyrics to the Xiaomi HP music player.

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