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How to download and install Crunchyroll on SmartTV

How to get crunchyroll on samsung tv - We will explain a simple and practical way to learn how to install and use Crunchyroll on a SmartTV. Currently in visual training we can see that it is too broad, since, thanks to technology, we can watch movies as series, on the internet, which can no longer only be found in the cinema but on television.

We can now look for options to watch the movies as series that we want to see through YouTube, Disney Plus, or also Netflix, but none of these is as exclusive as the Japanese animation that we can count on Crunchyroll.

How to download and install Crunchyroll on SmartTV

In Crunchyroll we can find a large catalog of anime; You can have a free version that is limited, but we can also have a Premium subscription, for the best benefits in terms of quality. We can be aware of the premieres that come out on television in Japan, being able to enjoy the new episodes, at least one hour after their broadcast.

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The most important thing that we achieve in Crunchyroll is the versatility that we can install and use Crunchyroll on a SmartTV, since it is very easy to install.

  • It begins with turning on the device, to go to the Smart TV store.
  • Google Play Store, to search for Crunchyroll.
  • To proceed to install it.
  • It takes a while to open the app.
  • If the connection is for the first time, the account must be added.
  • And so you can see the favorite animes.

What is Crunchyroll on a Smart TV and what is it for?

Crunchyroll on a Smart TV is very functional, since today the world of anime is very comprehensive, since we have many platforms not only for video games, but also for movies and television, reaching very specific niches.  Crunchyroll is a platform that has long been established as the reference for anime, covering many parts of the world, it also has its part dedicated to giving news about the world of anime, being able to see the available series.

Using the web browser; being the most recommended option if you have not yet started with Crunchyroll. For various reasons, on the one hand, we can see that the profile settings are much more complete by Crunchyroll. Being able to register for the Premium plan, on the other hand, you can see the series that are available and are separated into different categories; more than in the rest of the navigation options that can be found for mobile phones.

Anime can be classified by popular; simulcast, news, alphabetical, genres or by seasons. Simulcast is a simultaneous or near simultaneous broadcast of a chapter broadcast in Japan.  We can then find an extensive catalog as original series. In order to be able to choose as what we want; since we can choose between the most current and among the oldest.  The interesting thing is that we can find the titles in Spanish; like the menu and the rest of the summaries, but only in the version of the Web page. But you could also change the language if you wish.

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How to Download, Install and Use Crunchyroll on a Smart TV

In a simple way we can install Crunchyroll on a Smart TV, having this platform to be able to access that catalog of anime series and movies such as Crunchyroll, with the free possibility. We must be aware that this application is compatible with any model of Smart TV, as long as its operating system is Android.

  • Just by following these instructions you can download and install Crunchyroll on Smart TV.
  • First, enter the application store of your Smart TV,
  • Once inside, type in the Crunchyroll search bar.
  • When the application appears, you must click on download.
  • Then click on allow.
  • After downloading, you must enter the application to click on create account.
  • Finally, you must enter the email as a password and then click continue and that's it.
  • In this way it is already downloaded, installed so that you can use Crunchyroll.

Having Crunchyroll installed on a Smart TV, you can have a lot of entertainment, since it has a huge catalog, so you can enjoy the best anime premieres, as well as the best playback quality. 

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