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Minty legends Fortnite, skin bundle, will have physical launch

Fortnite minty legends pack xbox -  Almost all content for Fortnite is distributed digitally only. However, Epic Games has also released attractive physical skin packs so players can add more Battle Royale items to their collection.

Minty legends Fortnite, skin bundle, will have physical launch

This morning Menthol Legends, a new content pack that will have both physical and digital distribution, was announced. You will have enough time to save, as the bundle will reach consoles until the end of the year.

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Don't worry if you don't know what Menthol Legends is, because below we will talk about its content and details about its launch.

When will Fortnite debut and what will Menthol Legends include?

Minty Legends is a content pack that Epic Games is preparing for the end of the year. The bundle will be released in physical and digital format on November 2. This release will offer players 10 new items, including 3 skins.

Physical copies of Mint Legends will be available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One. The bundle will offer the Fresh Aura, Mint Bomber and Skeleton Gold outfits, variants for very popular characters in the Battle Royale. .

The rewards don't end there, as the pack will also give access to 3 retro backpacks, 3 harpoon picks, and a piece of paper. Finally, players will be able to get more items thanks to the 1000 Turkeys that includes Minty Legends.

Epic Games has not revealed the price of the package for now, but confirmed that in the coming weeks it will offer more details about this physical launch for consoles.

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