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Halo Infinite Skull locations : Halo infinite All Skull Locations map

Halo infinite all skull locations -  There are 12 skulls in Infinity Halo, and each of them can be used to alter the game in some way. However, these skulls are not always easy to find, and players who want to collect all of them will need to be extremely thorough in their searches. Alternatively, fans who are in search of collectibles in Infinity Halo can turn their attention to this guide, which details the location of all the skulls.

Halo Infinite Skull locations : Halo infinite All Skull Locations map

However, before we get into the skull locations, it's worth noting that some of these collectibles are found within missions. At the time of writing, fans are unable to replay missions in Infinity Halo, which means that multiple skulls are very easy to miss. Therefore, it is recommended that players carefully review all the details below before guessing their games.

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Halo Infinite Skull locations

Boom skull halo infinite (unmissable)

  • Double the blast radius.

Boom's skull can be found in the first mission in Infinite Halo, Warship Gbraakon, and players need to search for it in the hallway with the three elevators on the right side. Upon locating this hallway, players must take the middle elevator, turn right 90 degrees, and jump onto the skull.

Cowbell skull halo infinite (safety pin)

  •  Increase the acceleration of explosives.

This skull is found in the Foundation, the second mission of the game, after passing the ghosts. More specifically, the fans will go through a door that leads to a large window that they can look through. From this position, players must go to the left and then grab the rafters just after the turn to grab the skull that is near the ceiling.

Capture skull halo infinite

  • Enemies throw and drop more grenades.

For this skull, players must fly a Banshee or Wasp to the north side of the surface of Infinite HaloZeta Halo. There is a ravine at this location, and Catch is inside a tree stump next to the water.

Fog skull halo infinite
Players will once again want to use Banshee or Wasp in Infinite Halo to access this skull, which is located in an alcove that is carved out of the hexagonal pillars just west of FOB Alpha.

IWHBYD skull halo infinite

  • Uncommon combat dialogue becomes more common.

Another skull most easily accessed with the help of a flying vehicle, IWHBYD is found on top of the Tower on the surface of Zeta Halo.

Blind skull halo infinite

  • HUD and weapon are not displayed on screen.

Infinite Halo Players can fly through a narrow rift that forms from two cliffs to the south of the Tower, and the Blind Skull is on a low platform in that rift, along its west side.

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Storm skull halo infinite

  • Upgrade the range of most enemies.

This skull is sitting on a tall column that stands near the island with the AA cannons banished.

Black eye skull halo infinite

  • Your shields only recharge when you attack melee enemies.

There is a waterfall to the southwest of the Riven Gate, and there is a cave behind it. More specifically, the entrance to the cave is near the vertical midpoint of the waterfall, and the skull is inside.

Famine skull halo infinite
There is an island at the eastern end of Zeta Halo, and the Famine Skull is in the hands of a slain elite general found near the edge of that island.

Mythical skull halo infinite (Missable)

  • Weapons dropped by enemies have half the ammo they normally would.

Players will need to search for this skull in Command Spire, which is the game's 10th mission. At this level, fans must get to the point where the floating columns are being etched by the light and then grab onto a column before it turns right. From there, the fans need to turn around, grab the hook inward. Infinite halo to move up and go through a door at the top to find the mythical skull.

Grumpy Birthday Party (Impossible)

  • The grunting headshots lead to a glorious celebration.

In the repository, players must go to the room with the terminal that activates the light bridges. After interacting with that terminal, fans need to look to the right and grab the door that doesn't have a bridge leading to it to get the Power Seed. They must then carry that seed of power across the room with the bridges of light and to the door on the other side, pulling it down as needed.

Through this second door, players will find a terminal where they can plant the seed of power, and they must continue through the Repository when finished. Eventually, players will arrive in a room with two large angled architectural elements that make contact with the wall in front of the entrance. Fans must fight their way through space over those items to find this Grunt-affecting skull in Infinite Halo.

Bandana skull halo infinite (Missable)

  • Grants unlimited grenades and weapon ammo, and removes gear cooldown.

This final skull is in the Silent Auditorium mission, and players must head to the great room where the Sentinels first appear. Fans shouldn't destroy any of these enemy Infinity Halo, however, as doing so will prevent them from obtaining the skull. Instead, players must bypass the Sentinels, activate the two bridges of light when they encounter the corresponding terminal, and cross both to reach the room with the skull.

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