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Where is voice effects on tiktok | How to make videos on TikTok with funny and interactive voice effects

Where is the echo effect on tiktok - If you have come this far, it is because you have wondered how can I make funny videos on TikTok? Today we are going to explain the steps to make this type of content.

How to find and apply weird voice effects to videos on TikTok?

Where is voice effects on tiktok | How to make videos on TikTok with funny and interactive voice effects

As we all know, TikTok is a Chinese application that has many users in the world and that to stand out on this social network, many people opt for peculiar strategies that reach the public and gain virality and of course followers.

However, for you to be able to put the voice effects on you in your TikTok video, you have to account or be registered in the said application, more, however, it allows you to watch the videos without being registered, but you cannot access its filters or effects, if you don't have an account.

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Now that you know this, we can proceed to tell you how you can place these effects from vibrato voice to distorted voice.

Voice 'Vibrato'
To put the vibrato voice in your TikTok video, you must first record the video without sound using the camera tools. Then you go where it says to the effects of you once there you look for an icon that looks like waves or the one that drums that once you select this effect, you will see that your voice has changed and will sound different.

'Echo' effect
To place this effect you must also do the same as with the vibrato effect, simply that now it does not take the vibrato effect, but rather you look for the echo effect. Well, what this effect does in your voice is to place the illusion that you were inside a tunnel or open space where no one is, and your voice is heard as an echo in the depths.

On the other hand, an important shortcut when making your content is to set the video timer so that when you go to record your TikTok, you have time to settle down. Ideally, you should start recording according to what you have established.

'Distorted' voice
Just as you have done with the other voice effects, this one has the same steps, so when you enter these voice tools, you must select the balloon icon with the name helium and in this way you must place your distorted and shrill voice .

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What should you do to have all the parts of your video with different voices?

As we already know, TikTok offers different ways to distort or change the voice in which our videos come out, however, many times we want to record videos in which the voice is not heard in the same way throughout the video, so we are going to show you how You can make this type of videos easily and simply.  Apply recordings to a certain part of your video


One way you can record your video with different voices is through video snippets i.e. you record each part of your video with a different effect, then post it privately. 

Considering the above, you need to download TikTok videos. In this way, you will create a group of already edited fragments with the voice effect you need, and then upload them to your TikTok account. This way you will get a different, original and fun video with different voices in each clip to delight your followers.

How to share videos using voices other than TikTok with other social networks?

To be able to share these TikTok videos, there are two ways, the first is through the same social network, through the sharing option and through the networks that you have on your phone. For this, it is a matter of copying the URL and passing it through each of the social platforms in which you are registered from the same TikTok account.


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The second way to share videos using different voices is by downloading the content and saving it in the gallery and then you go to the part where it says share and you share it individually to the social network you want, be it Facebook WhatsApp Twitter Instagram even YouTube. 

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