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How to finish game Elden Ring, here are the steps

How to finish game Elden Ring -  If you have been playing Elden Ring in this last period, surely you are wondering what to do and where to go to finish the game? This is because the open world is really huge and getting lost is quite easy, when you think you have seen it all and explored all the places or defeated all the bosses, Elden Ring will always have some surprises in store for you. The map stretches not only on the surface but also underground, through hidden realms that it's up to you to discover.

How to finish game Elden Ring, here are the steps

How to finish Elden Ring

If you come from the old Souls you will have definitely noticed how the game world is much, much bigger than the previous ones, since there is no list of primary and secondary missions to complete, the player may have problems reaching the end credits, unless you really don't go through everything the world of Elden Ring has to offer, but it could take weeks of gameplay. Today we will reveal a detail that may have escaped you, as it is not as intuitive as you think, at least for some.

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Exploring the map 100%, defeating all the bosses, discovering all the secrets and recovering all possible equipment is a must as they say, if you decide to buy Elden Ring, however there are players who may be mainly interested in completing adventures and say that I have finished Elden Ring. After finishing the tutorial, you will find yourself in the vast open world, with a map to explore and discover, where to go? to do?

As anticipated, From Software has inserted a little help that indicates the correct direction to follow to reach the final battle, that is, the glowing arrows on the map, so you just have to follow them to get to the next place. In some cases it may be necessary to use one or more objects obtainable elsewhere, in others you can always point out the alternative path that you will have to discover, but always following the arrows.

In the image above you can see both the many checkpoints where you can save your progress, teleport, level, etc., as well as glowing arrows, fire trails that indicate the direction of the queue and you don't want or can explore the entire game. . world, leaving the latter before or after the conclusion of the main quest. 

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