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Tear locations elden ring and Sacred Tear Locations elden ring

Sacred Tear Locations elden ring - Elden Ring is one of the most phenomenal games and is much sought after and played in various countries. The Elden Ring is incredibly formidable and you'll need all the help you can get to defeat tougher bosses and travel through the Lands Between.

When you want to be successful playing Elden Ring then one of the most important features is the healing pumpkin, which recharges your HP or FP depending on which one you use. While there are items to increase the number of vials you have, and you can refer to our Elden Ring gold seed location guide to find them, the Elden Ring's Sacred Tears consumables offer a distinct advantage.

Tear locations elden ring and Sacred Tear Locations elden ring

The Sacred Tear consumption item increases the power of each gourd you use, and luckily it applies to both HP and FP pumpkins. Be sure to apply them to your flask after finding them resting in the Site of Lost Grace and navigating through the "Flasks" menu.

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But where are these Holy Tears I hear you ask? They can be found exclusively in the churches of the Land of Between, so be sure to read the full list of Elden Ring's Sacred Tears Locations so you can swallow to your heart's content.

Elden Ring Holy Tears Location

Here's a complete list of the Elden Ring Holy Tears locations we've found so far that can be found in churches scattered across Limgrave, Linuria, Whispering Peninsula and more:

  • Marika's Church of the Third Holy Tears
  • Marika's Fourth Holy Tears Church Location
  • Location of the Holy Tears Pilgrimage Church
  • Location of Callu Lagrima Sagrada . Baptist Church
  • Ireland Church of the Holy Tears Location


Depending on which direction you're exploring from the start of the game, the Holy Tears in Marika's Third Church may be the first you'll find.

It was located northeast of Limgrave East, just north of where the map fragment was. Like many Holy Tears, it is located just below the Marika statue at the back of the church.


Another Holy Tears can be found at Marika's Fourth Church, located on the Wailing Peninsula, south of Limgrave.

The church itself is located between Weeping Evergaol and the Witchbane Ruins, so if you find one, you'll be very close to your next holy tear.

The location of the pilgrimage church of SAGRADA LAGRIMA

Found quite close to Marika's Fourth Church, the Pilgrimage Church is home to yet another Holy Tears. It can be found directly north of Minor Erdtree on the Weeping Peninsula, at the northernmost point of the area. However, be aware that there are several enemies nested within ready to surprise you, so don't enter without your vigilance.

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Callu Holy Tears Baptist Church Location

These holy tears can be found at the Baptist church of Callu, just north of the road that leads to Morne Castle. He found himself next to an enemy village caused by madness.


In theory, it might take a while before you get the holy tear inside the Irith Church, as it is located behind the first inheritance dungeon and the "main" boss.

Turn left as you exit the back door of Stormveil and you will be immediately greeted by the church on the edge of the cliffs of Liurnia. However, if you're struggling and want to increase your healing before facing Stormveil, there's a hidden path to the right of the castle that you can enter from the broken bridge just north of Stormhill Shack. This allows you to completely bypass Stormveil Castle.

That includes all the locations of the Holy Tears in the Elden Ring. For more tips, tricks and guides, check out our Elden Ring Guide which is packed with helpful and helpful location guides, boss guides, and more. 

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