Valorant stuck on loading screen, this fix solution

Valorant stuck on loading screen - Valorant is a very popular FPS that focuses on teamwork and intense gameplay. With an online game, you will need to be connected to a strong internet connection, but errors can still occur. One that pops up from time to time is the stuck on loading screen error when trying to open Valorant or join games. This may make you wonder how to fix loading screen stuck error in Valorant.

Valorant stuck on loading screen, this fix solution

How to fix stuck on loading screen in Valorant


If you get stuck on the Valorant loading screen and can't join games, you can try some solutions. This error is annoying but can be fixed relatively quickly. Here's how to resolve Valorant stuck on loading screen error.

  • Restart Rating.
  • Restart your PC.
  • Update your drivers.
  • Reduce CPU usage.
  • Uninstall and reinstall Valorant.


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We recommend tackling Valorant loading screen stuck error in the above order. Start restarting Valorant and your PC as these quick fixes usually resolve the issue. Valorant is an online game, so you should also check your internet connection and restart it if necessary. This can also resolve the error before moving on to more time consuming methods.

Once you've fixed the error, you should be able to join games and exit the Valorant loading screen. We recommend following the Valorant Twitter and joining the Valorant Discord. Both can provide answers to various questions and allow you to connect with the community.

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