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Zero build trials fortnite sign up | How to participate in Zero Construction tests and since when

Fortnite zero build trials - Fortnite has gone from being just another battle royale to becoming a video game phenomenon. Accustomed to bringing new updates, he surprised everyone by disabling one of his flagship features: constructions. However, it could also bring rewards, since the Epic Games title has launched the Zero Construction tests, but how to participate and since when? Here the details.

Can't build in Fortnite? That's how it is. The novelty came along with season 2 of chapter 3: Resistance, as part of the main story in which the villains managed to make themselves present on the new map. With this, some mechanics were added to being able to slide, such as climbing ropes to helipads or climbing walls of a level.

Zero build trials fortnite sign up | How to participate in Zero Construction tests and since when

In addition to this, it has added a series of challenges known as the Zero Construction tests in which you can get various rewards. These began this Wednesday, April 6 at 3 a.m. m. (Peruvian time) and will last until next Sunday, the 10th of this month at 11:01 p.m. m. (Peruvian time).

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How to participate in Zero Construction tests Fornite

To be part of this series of challenges you must enter the official Epic Games page and follow the following steps:

  • Visit the website by CLICKING HERE and follow the registration instructions with your Epic Games account.
  • Every day there will be a new challenge that you can complete for one day. In fact, the first of them is already available. If you do not complete the four initial tests, you will be able to complete the fifth and obtain the rewards in the same way.
  • In addition to the daily challenges, each day there will be an additional objective. If you meet the latter on any day, you will receive the Ground Drive glider.

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It is worth mentioning that you will be able to select the Zero Construction Mode -where these missions must be carried out- in the same variety of game modes such as Solitaire, Duo, Trio and Squad. You just have to enter the game, press the "Change" option, select the desired one and hit "Play".

Zero Build Trials Rewards

  • Daily Challenge 1 (April 6) | Slone spray with submachine guns
  • Daily Challenge 2 (April 6-7) | flying visor spray
  • Daily Challenge 3 (April 7-8) | spray erratic shot
  • Daily Challenge 4 (April 8-9) | spray All ready for combat
  • Daily Challenge 5 (April 9-10) | any of the above sprays

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