How to find a recently watched video on the platform || How to see videos you watched on tiktok

How to see tiktok watch history - Surely, on more than one occasion browsing TikTok you have come across videos that you would like to see again and that you have not been able to locate again. If so, don't worry, thanks to how it works you can easily locate them with this trick.

How to find video on TikTok?

To locate a video on TikTok, the first thing you should do is have the application installed on your mobile device, followed by this, you have to go to the trends section in the search field, place an asterisk and choose search filters.

How to find a recently watched video on the platform || How to see videos you watched on tiktok

Within the search filters we can choose those that we have seen previously, under this filter it is possible to see again all those videos that we have found in recent days.

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Another method to be able to see these videos again is to go to the trends section, go to the three lines and filter for the last 7 days those videos that we have previously seen.

These are the two ways to be able to see again those TikTok that we have seen in the last week, although they do not have a chronological order as is and as we saw them, it will be easy to locate the one you want to see again.

TikTok tricks for content recommendation

Remember that sometimes when we are browsing the application, if we reload the beginning, the videos may be updated and it will not be possible to scroll down to see again, this is when it is necessary to resort to this type of methodology to see videos again. we have already seen.

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The TikTok algorithm recommends videos based on our interests, that is why sometimes we are shown content related to what we have seen, one of the tips that the platform recommends to be able to see similar content is to watch videos of our interest for a long time , this is so that TikTok recommends us everything we like and no recommendations appear that we are not interested in.


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