Hide in different bushes fortnite, How to hide in different bushes you threw in Fortnite

Hide in different bushes that you threw down - No, this isn't a throwback to the launch of Fortnite when bush campers were rampant, but a weekly quest sees players have to hide in different bushes that they dropped in the game. 

Players can't just pick up a bush and put it in their inventory, but they can use the new Big Bush Bomb to complete this challenge with ease.

How to hide in the bushes you threw in Fortnite

The easiest option for players will be to get hold of the Big Bush Bomb, a new item in Fortnite Chapter 4. This grenade will not deal any damage to enemies, instead it will create a large bush for cover. For challenge purposes, all players have to do is throw this and run through it.

In a competitive sense, this can save players from certain death, especially in Zero Build mode, where players cannot build a wall to protect themselves. Entering the bush will cause enemies to lose sight of their target and give the player valuable time to flee or heal. Combining it with the Bush Warrior augment can be effective as it provides coverage and healing.


Where to find the Big Bush Bomb


Hide in different bushes fortnite, How to hide in different bushes you threw in Fortnite


The Big Bush Bomb can be found anywhere loot can be found, which means it is available as floor loot, from a chest, or from a supply drop. They can be hard to find as the loot is so diverse, but they drop in stacks of two when found. This makes completing the weekly quest easy as players have to hide in a total of two bushes to earn XP.


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As a bonus, dropping the Big Bush Bomb also progresses towards the weekly drop item quest. That quest is completed by throwing things like grenades and Chug Splashes, so there's always a reason to pick up the bomb, even if it's not for competitive reasons.

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