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How to find out who has blocked you on Instagram 2023

How to find out who has blocked you on Instagram - The world of social media is unpredictable. People have behaved very strangely on several occasions, and Instagram users aren't going to diminish: people who follow you and unfollow you, random people who comment on your posts and, of course, people who block you just because.

Do you think someone has blocked you but you're not sure? Well, although it is somewhat more complicated than on other social networks, we will teach you how to find out who blocked you on Instagram.

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Unlike Twitter, which clearly tells you that you can't follow a user while accessing their profile, Instagram makes it more complicated. In fact, the existing methods of knowing if someone has blocked you are "very traditional," which is by no means complicated. With that said, let's get started.

How to find out who has blocked me on Instagram

How to find out who has blocked you on Instagram 2023


The first step to finding out if someone has blocked you on Instagram is to look up their name in a search engine. If nothing appears, there are two possibilities: 1) that the account was deleted without prior notification (something that is unlikely in the context in which we operate) or 2) that you have been banned. And how do we get out of the unknown? Well, it's easier than it looks.

Ask a friend to let you view from their account if that person's profile appears. If it is visible to him, indeed he will block you. If you can't log into another account, open your browser in incognito mode and search for the username If the profile shows up, sorry, but you've been blocked.

Another way to find out is through direct messages. If you've shared a message with an account that has blocked you, find the message and click on the person's photo. This will take you to their profile. If there is "No publication" it means you have been blocked.

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As you can see, it's pretty simple and you don't need any external apps or anything like that. If you think someone has blocked you for no reason, you can try contacting them in another way to find out what's going on, or maybe you just want to let them go. It depends on you.

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