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Where find Grand Duke of Ravengard in Baldur's Gate 3?

Where to find duke ravengard bg3 - In the first act of Baldur's Gate 3, players can rescue Councilor Florrick from the burning Waukeen Sanctuary and learn from her that Grand Duke Ravengard, Vile's father, has been kidnapped by absolutist cults. Unfortunately, Ravengard is nowhere to be found in Act One and you'll have to go to Act Two to find him.

Where find Grand Duke of Ravengard in Baldur's Gate 3?

Players basically have no chance of saving Ravengard in the second act, though they can find and save tieflings, deep goblins, and even Zevlor from the clutches of the true soul. Only in the third act of Baldur's Gate 3 will players have the chance to free Ravengard and return him to the camp.

Location of the Duke of Ravengard in act XNUMX

If Advisor Florrick survives Act XNUMX, players will find her at the Last Light Inn in the Cursed Shadowlands. She is tasked with finding and rescuing the Grand Duke, whose kidnappers she tracked down at the Moon Towers. However, Ravengard is not in the tower's prison cell, and unlike Zevlor, he is not in pods in the Mind Flayer colony below it.

Players get their first chance to see the Duke of Ravengard when they hear the champions of the Three Dead reveal his plans. This takes place at the end of the Mind Flayer Colony zone, before the second and third stages of the Ketherik Torm boss fight. Ravenguard and the other two champions leave before the match begins, and players won't see him again until Act XNUMX.

Vile's Decision and Treaty of Mizora

The next time the party sees him, the Grand Duke of Ravengard will proclaim Gortash the new Archduke of Baldur's Gate, and Gortash will take over as dictator of the city. Ravengard is alive and well, but he is also under the influence of the Absolute. This happens when players first enter Wyrm Rock.

Players may notice that Mizora is somewhere on the main level of the prison, at least if Vile is in the party. After players go up to talk to Gortash and Ravengard and then down, she will ask them to start a conversation. Apparently Gortash has already sent Ravengard to a secret location and Mizora knows where she is.

The conversation will continue when the players finish their day at camp. Mizora will appear with two witnesses and her goal is to restore or deepen Sorcerer Vile's pact with her. In return, she will tell Vile where to find the Duke of Ravengard and help him save her father. If Vile refuses, she guarantees Ravengard's death. Players need to understand that they will not get another chance to break Will's contract and that Ravengard's death is not as guaranteed as she claims. But with Mizora's help, it's much easier to free Ravengard.

One last important note: before saving the Duke of Ravengard, players must resolve the issue with Vile's contract. If the group reaches Ravengard Prison before talking to Mizora, he will already be dead. Ironically, ignoring Mizora is a bigger death sentence for Ravengard than turning down her offer.

How to get to Duke of Ravengard Baldurs Gate 3?

Where find Grand Duke of Ravengard in Baldur's Gate 3?

After Gortash is crowned Archduke, players will find the Grand Duke of Ravengard in an underwater prison. The way there is not that easy and is closely related to the mission of the Steel Watchers. In short, players shouldn't try to save the Duke of Ravengard if they want to keep Lord Gortash as their ally.

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All other players must go to a warehouse called Flymm Cargo. The warehouse is located south of the siren and across from the Gray Haven Docks waypoint. The door is closed and locked, but players can avoid the spotlight by jumping onto the roof of the warehouse, then jumping to the door on the south side of the building. This door is also locked and forbidden, but no one sees the team open it or destroy it.

Inside the warehouse is a pack of worgs, giant wolf-like creatures that will immediately attack the group. Wargs have no spells or ranged attacks, so they shouldn't be a problem at this point in the game.
After defeating the direwolves, players need to head to the northwest corner of the warehouse. In this corner there is a trap door full of boxes and crates that leads to an underground prison. A greasy landslide in the city sewer also leads here. If you go straight through this chamber, you will find a secret compartment for a submersible.

Submarine Captain - Redhammer Device. The Intimidate or Trick function can make him mention the Iron Throne, an underwater prison where Gortash is holding Ravengard and some Gondians hostage. The speaker can then use intimidation, persuasion, or trickery to convince Red Hammer to deal with the group. The choice of skills is important, as Persuasion checks have a chance of 10 and Deception checks have a chance of 25.

How to save the Grand Duke Baldurs Gate 3

Where find Grand Duke of Ravengard in Baldur's Gate 3?

As the group approaches the Iron Throne in a submersible, Gortash will contact them and warn them to stay away. Unfortunately, there is no secret path to the Iron Throne, so players should head there anyway. Gortash will detonate the explosives in the underwater prison, and when players reach it, they will have six rounds to rescue as many prisoners as possible until the sahuagin start to invade the base.
Duke Ravengard is in the central room to the east of the docking port. Like all the other chambers in the base, it can be opened by pressing the lever next to the door. This doesn't require an action, so quickly kill the sahuagin along the way, then use your full action to move.

Once players free Ravengard, he will become a controlled follower of the party. Players can determine his actions, but cannot take his inventory to equip weapons and armor or give him potions. This is a problem since the Duke of Ravengard only has 29 health at the start of the game.

Further actions depend on whether Vile extended the contract or not. If so, Mysora will appear and cast spells on Ravengard that will increase his defense and movement speed. Otherwise, she will summon six Flaming Belly Spiders. These creatures will try to attack Ravengard and explode. However, players can send one of their party members to kill them before they reach the duke, thus keeping him safe.
Players must also try to rescue as many hostages as possible. Specifically, the room to the west of the entrance has two groups of three prisoners, and the room where all the sahuagin spawn has one prisoner on the other side.

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If at least one member of the team is at the bottom of the underwater stairs (not necessarily inside), the game will continue, and everyone who remains in the base after its explosion will be washed ashore in the form of corpses. Survivors can revive or resurrect party members as normal, but any Gondi (or Duke of Ravengard) will be dead forever. If Ravengard survives, he will go to the party camp to meet his son.

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