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How to solve the temples of flames in Fortnite, Read here

Find flames match flames fortnite -  The new jungle biome in Fortnite Wilds holds a ton of secrets and your attention will no doubt be drawn to the various temples displayed on the map.

In these areas, you will find vaulted doors that will not budge; instead, they will offer you a small hint on how to open them.

How to solve the temples of flames in Fortnite, Read here

Here is some help to know how to solve these riddles, the first being the door that asks you to “…look for…flames”. Making these doors open is well worth it, so we will tell you how to solve the flame puzzle in Fortnite.

If you want to see everything new this season, check out our full Fortnite Wilds patch notes for more details.

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Solution to the flame puzzle in Fortnite

The exact solution is different each time, but what you need to do is search the temple for a set of torches that are lit in a certain pattern. Returning to the temple gate, you will see another set of torches.
You need to make the set near the door match the pattern found on the other parts of the temple.

The torches are located in different places in each temple, but they are not too difficult to find as soon as you walk around. You must take into account that these torches have a purple flame so as not to be confused with normal torches.

What is the flame temple puzzle reward?

Completing the puzzles will unlock the Tempo Vault, allowing you access to up to three Rare Chests and up to three Common Chests for each puzzle solved. As well as some great rare loot, which will spawn on the ground.

These have a much better chance of getting you items of epic or legendary quality and especially during this season, there is an opportunity to obtain the mythical version of the Flapjack rifle.

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So don't miss the opportunity to fight with some of the best weapons in Fortnite, thanks to solving the puzzles of the temples of flames.

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