How to Unlock Fontaine Reputation Board in Genshin Impact, Read here

How to unlock fontaine genshin - Unlocking the Secrets of Prestige in Fontaine: Genshin Impact In every corner of this vast realm of Teyvat, opportunities unfold for the Traveler and Paimon to accumulate virtues and receive gifts in return. 

How to Unlock Fontaine Reputation Board in Genshin Impact, Read here

In keeping with this dynamic, Fontaine adopts a reputation system that harmonizes with the rest of the territory, allowing you to earn bounties, fulfill requirements, and delve into world quests to nurture your growing influence.

I encourage you to continue with the weekly rewards and quests, as the expansion of your reputation will translate into business cards, furniture items and providential tools, capable of considerably facilitating your wanderings around Fontaine. If the stage of your actions is in the nation of justice, here is the necessary itinerary to unlock the coveted Board of Prestige.

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How to Access the Fontaine Reputation System in Genshin Impact

The first step towards activating the Fontaine reputation system starts with fulfilling the following prerequisites:

  1. Completion of Chapter IV of Archon's Quest: Act I - Blancheur and Noirceur's Prelude.
  2. Finishing Archon Quest Chapter IV: Act II - As the Light Rain Falls Without Reason.

Once these criteria are met, a world quest called “Steambird Interview” will automatically trigger. At that time, you will be tasked with talking to Euphrasie, the figure responsible for administering the Council of Reputation in the Court of Fontaine. Regrettably, new adventurers do not have the opportunity to access the region's reputation system, even if they choose to take the shortcut to join the nation. 

How to Unlock Fontaine Reputation Board in Genshin Impact, Read here

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Upon completion of the "Steambird Interview" mission, the Reputation Board, marked by the familiar circled icon, will become visible. Through dialogue with Euphrasie, you will be able to fulfill weekly rewards and quests, as well as reap exclusive rewards by completing World Quests.

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