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Best place to landing in Fortnite season 5

Best landing spots fortnite - We already know the best places to land in Fortnite season 5, in particular where we can find more chests per area as well as exotic weapons that we can collect in our game, and that will give us a certain advantage later.

Unlike other seasons where we have suggested you a series of places to land because there are quite a few bonuses, now we will tell you a series of places according to the number of chests because thanks to them you will have all the shapes and elements needed to win the departure.

Best place to landing in Fortnite season 5

The idea is that you land straight into these places, because if you wait a few minutes they'll rob them, so realize that you can have a lot of competition at the start, even getting knocked out on the first change if they end up surprising you.

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Best place to land in Fortnite season 5 (where there are more chests and exotic loot)

The place with the most chests around the map
The named location that has the most chests this season is the Sleeping Pool with a total of 41, so if you fall in this area you'll find everything you need. You should also visit Campo Calígine as it has 33 chests or Burning Sands which has 34.

In this map we offer, we show locations that have more than 15 chests so that's the first you can visit in a game:

Best place to landing in Fortnite season 5

The exotic weapon holder
Chests are many, but very few exotic and rare weapons. You can find the Mandalorian rifle on his crashed ship south of the colosseum but it's a place everyone wants to go to, so you can focus on the others we point to on the map below:
Best place to landing in Fortnite season 5

Of course, to own this rare weapon, you have to defeat every hunter first and it won't be easy, so collect some weapons first, find the hunter who carries the legendary weapon and get rid of him.

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Now you know which is the best place to land in Fortnite season 5, an area with more chests and also with exotic weapons. Keep in mind that we have also helped you complete all the challenges of week 1 of season 5, get more XP in Fortnite season 5, 10 new things and secrets of Fortnite season 5 that you may not have discovered and where to find all the mythical weapons.

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