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How to have a floating virtual button on iPhone ( AssistiveTouch, iPhone virtual button with multiple functions )

How to show home button on iphone - For many versions of iOS, the system includes a small virtual button where we can multitask. This button was originally intended as an accessibility feature for those who have difficulty using the Home button on the iPhone, but became very popular with users when it failed.

You may have seen it in many screenshots or videos of some users and today we will tell you how you can activate this virtual button on your iPhone, or on your iPad, and all the additional functions included and which can be customized.

AssistiveTouch or how to have customizable virtual buttons

Have you missed the Home button on your new iPhone or iPad Pro? Or do you just want direct access to lots of functionality wherever you are? AssistiveTouch is the solution to all these problems and is an essential companion. Today we thoroughly analyze Apple's virtual keys to tell you how to activate them and customize them to suit you.

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First of all is to know where are the settings to configure and activate this virtual button which we can use on iOS and iPadOS, to do so you just need to go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch. At the top we have a switch which when activated will make this virtual button appear. But enabling it is just as important as customizing it, so we're going to do that.

How to customize iOS virtual buttons

In this AssistiveTouch menu we have everything you need to customize this virtual button. As you can see, when you activate the switch, this button will appear on your iPhone screen but since it is a virtual button, we can move it wherever we want, you just have to touch it and drag it to any area. screen. It is also a smart icon and if it interferes in a particular app where it is located, it will automatically move to another area of ​​the screen.

With this button we can quickly set custom actions. We have 3 options: press once, press twice and long press. We can define what the iPhone should do when it performs every type of press, from simulating the home button to reading the screen, turning up the volume, activating Apple Pay, or making a gesture on the screen to the right, left, or anywhere else. We have dozens of possible choices for us, and among them we should highlight the Open menu.

This icon can incorporate a floating virtual menu, fully customizable, which is activated when we touch it, if we have defined it with one click, double click and long press before as we have said above. The options that appear in this floating menu are the same as keystrokes, almost anything you can imagine, you can even run shortcuts. To customize this menu we have to go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch > Customize floating menu.

We can add up to 8 different icons, although the existing icons by default allow us to perform many functions: 

How to have a floating virtual button on iPhone ( AssistiveTouch, iPhone virtual button with multiple functions )

  • Home Button: simulates pressing the classic iOS home button, such as swiping up on the screen.
  • Call Siri.
  • Open Control Center.
  • Open Notification Center.
  • Devices: when logged in here allows us to block screen rotation, rotate it intentionally, raise or lower the volume, activate the sound and from the More menu we can go to multitasking, take screenshots, SOS, shake, restart , Apple Pay, move and activate easy reach.
  • Customization: various gestures are available here like pinch and rotate the screen, hold and drag, simulate long press or double press.


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As we can see in this virtual button, we have an innumerable list of shortcuts and direct access to various places in the iOS interface, but also many accessibility options to facilitate the use of iPhone for certain people with motor problems.

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