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Scan with iphone 11 | How to scan with iphone 11 [Easy and fast]

Scan with iphone 11 - There is a new feature in the Notes application that allows you to scan or scan all types of documents quickly without having to go to the print box to scan documents. So it saves time and money. Scan Documents or Document Scanner detects the edges of the document, aligns everything properly, and removes all glare and skew so you get a clean and tidy Scan or scan.
Scan with iphone 11 | How to scan with iphone 11 [Easy and fast]

To be able to use this feature, you must upgrade to at least iOS 11. The scanner is equipped with features like automatic edge detection, filter presets, cropping, rotation, and sharing, all built-in and with just a tap. So it is very easy for you if you need files quickly to be sent via email and others. To get good results, keep the paper neat, in order to get good Scan results.
So far, not many iPhone users are aware of this Scanning or scanner feature. Because previously, the Notes application only functioned as notes or writing as reminders and others. For those of you who want to try this Scanning or scanner feature, see the following tutorial.

How To Scan Documents on iPhone 11
  1. Open the Notes app - tap Notes. 
  2. Tap the square icon at the bottom right to create a new note - tap the + icon 
  3. Tap Scan Documents - the Scanning process or the scanner starts - point the camera directly over the document you want to Scan or scan. 
  4. The document is finished in Scan - tap Done - tap Save. 
  5. Tap Done - the scanned files are ready to use or send via email and so on.
This is the tutorial on how to scan documents using the notes application on the iPhone iOS 11, hopefully this is useful.

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