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How to share your Xiaomi screen on TV [Easy]

Screen mirroring xiaomi - Among the many options that MIUI 12 offers us, we find the possibility of broadcasting or sharing the screen of our Xiaomi on the television. The most interesting options that greatly facilitate all kinds of tasks.

Thanks to this function, we can make presentations on television or even just view photos and videos in our gallery on a bigger screen. Likewise, we can play our favorite games from Xiaomi on the TV.

How to share your Xiaomi screen on TV [Easy]

In general, the "Cast" function allows us to share our Xiaomi screen on other smart TVs that are on the same WiFi network and which also receive this function. In simple terms, we can display our Xiaomi desktop on a bigger screen.

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How to cast or share your Xiaomi screen on TV

Sharing our Xiaomi screen on TV is very simple. To do this, we just need to start the "Troubleshooting" function either through the Control Center or through the MIUI settings as follows:

  1. Go to Settings > Connections and sharing > Cast
  2. Once logged in, we activate the option «Troubleshooting». After that, we will be shown all the compatible televisions that are on the same network.


Once our TV appears in the list compatible with the Broadcast function, we just have to click on it and then accept access on the television itself. Then our Xiaomi screen will start projecting on it.
It should be noted that the MIUI 12 "Emit" function is very complete. This not only allows us to replicate our Xiaomi screen, but also to perform other functions such as the following:

  • Minimize windows: Minimize sales that are being issued to be able to use other functions on your phone.
  • Broadcast with screen off: You can continue broadcasting when the device screen is off and thereby reduce power consumption.
  • Hide private items: Prevent floating notifications, incoming calls, and other private items from showing on the external screen.
Also, from Settings > Connections and sharing > Cast > Help you will find relevant information if you are unable to cast or share your Xiaomi screen on your TV, monitor or external display.

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