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Change the Oppo Font, this is how to change the font on the Oppo Reno

How to Change Font on Oppo - When you are fed up with the original font of your Oppo Reno, you will most likely want to change it. Of course a little tweaking doesn't hurt when it comes to fonts. So, let's find out what the procedure for changing the font is and why it can vary depending on the phone and the permissions you have.

In fact, the phone has more or less important permissions to change system files, including fonts. Depending on the level of authorization, we will see that the technique is different. We will find the top tips on how to change the font on your Oppo Reno if you have the necessary permissions. We will find out in a second step how you can change the Oppo Reno font if the phone does not have the necessary permissions.

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Change the Oppo Font, this is how to change the font on the Oppo Reno

Terms Change font when your Oppo Reno has required permission

In order to easily change the font on your Oppo Reno, you must have special permissions to edit files in the Android operating system. To find out if Oppo Reno has the required permissions, you will have to try one of the 2 methods below.

How to Change Oppo Reno font in all settings

The simplest method to change the font on your Oppo Reno is to proceed with the setup. To do this, you need to go to the Oppo Reno settings menu and then to the Display tab. Once you are there, all you need to do is select the Font tab and you will be able to select the font of your choice. If you do not see this tab, it means that your Oppo Reno does not have the necessary permissions and you can go directly to the second method.

Change Oppo Reno font using app, Oppo Reno has required permission, you can also use app to change font. The advantage of using the app is that it will give you a better choice of fonts and some additional options. You will find several applications that allow you to change the font in the PlayStore. We tested iFont (Font Expert), which allows you to find fonts by language and popularity. You just need to install it and let yourself go.

How To Change font if your Oppo Reno doesn't have required permission

Changing the source of the Oppo Reno when you don't have the necessary permissions is quite a difficult process, considering that you have to root the Oppo Reno. Let me share the steps to take if you want to start the journey.

1- Root Oppo Reno

This is the basic step to install fonts on Oppo Reno if you don't have the required permissions. Oppo Reno root allows you to offer superuser rights to your phone. It is because of this privilege that you should be able to replace and install files on your Oppo Reno Android operating system. Rooting is a challenging operation and you need to know how to do it, check out our guide to root Oppo Reno. As soon as the phone is rooted, you can proceed to stage 2.

2- Use the app to install new fonts
Once your Oppo Reno is redirected, you just need to install the app to change the font on your Oppo Reno. Now that your Oppo Reno has the required rights, visit Playstore to install an app like Ifont or FontFix. Then the app will guide you, allowing you to download and configure the fonts you have chosen.

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