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How to put parental controls on iphone, read here

How to put parental controls on iphone - Monitoring the location, screen time, and apps that a minor uses in Google from your iPhone is possible. You can also set limits to all this from your own phone we tell you how.

Google has several tools for parental control management in different applications such as YouTube for example. But if you want to monitor your child's activity while browsing his phone through Google, the best option is Family Link. Family Link is an application created by Google, so that adults, parents or guardians, can remotely control the device of their children or other minors. Familly Link can be used on iPhone devices with iOS 9 onwards.

How to put parental controls on iphone, read here

The Family Link parental control system works by linking the Google or Gmail account that your child has configured on their Android phone, so if you change your email or account, you will have to configure everything again.

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What can you monitor and control with Google Family Link on a minor's iPhone?

With Family Link you can monitor the time your child spends in front of their phone screen, if only on an Android device, and how much of that time they spend with an application and you can set time limits or even block applications. Also, you can set limits on what you can see in the Google Play Store and in Google searches, block the results for adults and also, you can check the permissions for the applications that are installed, such as location, contacts, access to the microphone. or to the camera.

Other of the most important functions is that you can know the location of the minor at all times and you can reset the password of the Google account of the minors and see all the devices where they are using their Google account.

How to activate and configure parental controls for Google Family Link


The first thing you need to monitor and limit the activity of a minor in Google, is to have your child's device at hand, that both have a Google or Gmail account and install the Family Link application on both phones, your iPhone and their Android. Now you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the Family Link for Parents application on your phone, for them download it from the App Store at this link. When he asks who will use the device, click on "Father, Mother or Guardian"
  2. You need to have next to the phone of the minor you want to monitor, click Next, configure your account as a family administrator. The app will detect the account that you have linked to your iPhone and click Done.
  3. The app will ask you if the minor has a Google account, if he already has an account that he is using on his own phone, click Yes to link it to Family Link.
  4. Next, you will be shown a screen with a nine-digit code that you have to enter on the minor's phone to link his account to your Family Link.
  5. On your child's phone, download the Google Family Link application for children and adolescents that you can download on Google Play at this link. Then log in with the account of the child or teen to be added.
  6. The app will ask if you want to add to the family group, to do this, click on the Join button in the lower right corner of the screen. To continue, click Next, confirm and click Allow.
  7. The app will warn you that it is a third-party application, click Activate to confirm. Now give the device a name to identify it, and you will have finished the configuration on the child's device. Now, browse through the management options offered by the app and you will only have to click on Configure to see its options.


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Clever! It only remains that you establish the permissions and limits of time and applications that the minor can access in Google from their device, the location and the time on screen.

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