Filter comments on tiktok, How to filter comments so they don't appear on your TikTok videos

How to filter comments on tiktok -  TikTok has many features designed to customize the level of privacy that we want to have in our account.

Filter comments on tiktok, How to filter comments so they don't appear on your TikTok videos

Although you can configure your account as private, that is not the idea if you want to share your content with other users and interact with them. But you can configure some options to define who can interact in your videos and what kind of content is allowed.

How To filter comments on tiktok


Automatically block inappropriate comments, TikTok allows you to filter the comments that are shown on your videos based on keywords.

To configure this option go to Settings and Privacy >> Privacy and security and scroll down to Filter comments. You will find two options

You can let TikTok's filters remove inappropriate content in comments, or you can set your own filters by setting keywords. You can define as many words (up to 30 characters) as you want in your list.

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Once you save the settings, TikTok will automatically hide comments containing those words. So you won't have to waste time moderating comments. This list can be modified as many times as you want, you can remove or add more keywords. It is a useful tool to avoid harassment or dealing with trolls.

Other options to limit comments on TikTok

If you want to have more control over the interaction in your videos, you can indicate who can comment on your videos.

Just go to the Privacy and Security section and scroll down to “Who can comment on your videos”. You can simply close comments on all videos, or set comments to only people you follow and they follow you on TikTok. That is, those users you trust.

Another interesting option offered by TikTok allows you to disable comments on a specific post without affecting the rest of the videos you have published in your account. This option is configured from the video itself: select the three dots as if you were going to share the publication and scroll through the gray icons to “Privacy settings”

In that section you will find “Allow comments” with the option to disable it. A simple solution to deal with the controversies that form in the comments when posting a video with a sensitive theme. 

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