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New SpiderMan Zero skin fortnite, How to get the new Spider-Man Zero skin

Spider man zero war - There's a new five-issue comic book series called Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War, and Fortnite players can get a code to purchase the first one.

New SpiderMan Zero skin fortnite, How to get the new Spider-Man Zero skin

Fortnite already got an official Spider-Man outfit not too long ago, including a new item on the map that allowed players to swing like the Marvel superhero. However, a new Spider-Man outfit is coming to Fortnite, but it will only be available to those who purchase a certain comic. Unless the issue is purchased, Fortnite players will have to wait until the outfit becomes available for sale in the Item Shop at a later date.

How to get the Spider-Man Zero skin in Fortnite
Fortnite x Marvel: War Zero is a new five-issue comic series that brings together the Fortnite universe with the Marvel universe, with the first issue releasing on June 8, 2022.

Fortnite fans who purchase the first issue released this week will get a special code that can be redeemed at The first issue will come with a code for the Spider-Man Zero suit, and once players log back into Fortnite, the suit will be theirs to use on their account.


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Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War can be purchased at your local comic book store or digitally through the Marvel Comics app and Marvel Unlimited. At the time of this writing, the book is also available for pre-order through Amazon. The Kindle version is $5.99 and the hardcover version is $26.99.

Zero War skin code: How to redeem the Fortnite x Marvel

As mentioned above, players will need to head over to the official redemption page on the Fortnite website, which can be accessed by clicking this link. To successfully redeem a code, please follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to an Epic Games account.
  • Enter the code in the “ENTER ACCESS CODE” box.
  • Select “REDEEM”.
  • Check the item you are redeeming and select 'ACTIVATE'.
  • Start Fortnite with the same Epic account.
  • Upon uploading, players will receive a gift box displaying their unlocked item.
  • They can select "EQUIP" or "CLAIM" to close. The item will be available in the locker.

The rest of the issues will also come with a unique cosmetic item. The second issue launches on July 13 and comes with a code for an Iron Man-themed Wrap. The third, fourth, and fifth issues come with a Wolverine-based pickaxe, a spray based on the comic series, and a loading screen., respectively.

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