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How to setting and disable comments on videos on TikTok

How to hide comments on tiktok live - Sometimes when Tik Tok users upload videos, they usually have a problem with the person commenting on it, some comments are usually offensive, annoying, demeaning, and others.

That is why the developers and programmers of the platform have taken it upon themselves to improve the options. To avoid this type of inconvenience, then design a small configuration that will allow you to upload videos where the dedicated space for comments is not enabled.

What are Tik Tok videos like?

Initially we have to understand that Tik Tok is a unique platform which is characterized by the style of videos uploaded to it. Usually, there are different types of Tik Tok videos, which you can delete videos uploaded to your account whenever you want.

Unlike other YouTube-style platforms, Tik Tok only lets you upload videos in a short amount of time, ranging from 15 to 45 seconds. And this is also because time reduction is a way for followers not to get bored because the video is already saturated.

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What effects can be applied to Tik Tok videos?

One of the best options on Tik Tok is the wide variety of sound effects, with which content can be created in a very entertaining way. Even if you don't like the effects this program brings, you can choose to use some songs from the YouTube and Spotify platforms.

How to setting and disable comments on videos on TikTok

Apart from that, it also has the option to record sound, with which many users have created videos in which they show their extraordinary talent in the art of music. On the other hand, for those who have high creativity, the limit is a bit far, being a sample of those who choose a slightly funnier approach.

Trending on Tik Tok

Amazing as it may seem, this not so long-known app is already having some trends among users who are responsible for uploading content. Even some videos that turn out to be very simple are liked by viewers, which will allow you to get real followers who like your work.

Among the videos that have gained a lot of views, you can see imitation videos. These are videos where the user tries to simulate the audio (chat or song) with their mouth, giving the impression that they are the ones who actually made the audio, a very interesting category.

How to setting and disable comments on Tik Tok videos

If the uploaded video manages to gain high relevance among viewers, it is also likely to attract the attention of haters (people who express feelings of boredom or anger about a video). This annoys any user, and that is why there is an option to disable comments on videos.

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So, to disable comments, we must first enter the Tik Tok application, then we must select the profile section which is located in the menu at the bottom of the interface on the left side. Then click on the video for which we want to apply this option.

Next, we need to select the button with the three dots vertically (not to be confused with the comments, the ones we're looking for have white dots). Soon, a new menu will open, and in this menu we have to look for the option that says "settings", which is represented by an item in the form of a lock.

Already in this new interface you will see an option to disable comments for this video, we just tap on the activator on the right and that's it. We will disable comments for the video.

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Thanks to this option, some users who are very vulnerable to other people's comments have managed to avoid the various types of problems that this action can cause. Makes this tool invaluable.

Keep in mind that not only can you block comments on videos, but if you think a user is bothering you, you can easily block someone from TikTok from Android. And you, do you already have an account on this innovative app or want to create an account on TikTok?

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